Ni Hao family!!

Surprise!! Our branch president let us email today to tell you we’re alive! Woo hoo! I sent you a letter the first day- the old fashioned way- did you get it yet? 


Our leave date is now August 12, so my mailing address is actually AUG-12 instead of AUG-14 now. I’ll still get them if you send them the other way though. And mom- I got the dear elders and they’re awesome and perfectly timed! Our district leader gets them to us after any lunch or dinner. 


Oh my heavens Chinese is HARD. But it is also awesome. My companion lived in Beijing for a few months and has helped me SO MUCH. 6 of the 10 missionaries in our district have experience with Zhongwen, which was a little discouraging at first, but I have now realized that it is so helpful and amazing! Our teachers are all amazing, and I’ve been able to pick up so much. me and my companion taught for almost 20 minutes in entirely Chinese a couple hours ago. I was a little lost, but I said the prayer and bore my testimony and asked him to read a scripture. It was SO scary, but we felt the Spirit. 


Our whole district is going to Taizhong! And there are 10 in the other district going to Taizhong the same day, so we’ll have 20 of us flying in together- crazy!!


Next week is the conference for new mission presidents so literally all the general authorities will be here. Exciting rumors at the MTC are all about apostles. 


The Mandarin sisters play soccer on Fridays for gym out on the field by the temple and it’s so much fun. We have early gym, which is the absolute best!! 


I love my companion and the other companionship in our room. We have a lot of fun and get along really well! 


There are so many wonderful people here and I just love them all! This is all so great!


I love you all and I don’t have any time to answer anyone until Monday, but I definitely will then! You are all wonderful! Yay for surprise email time!


Wo ai nimen!

-Tu JieMei


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