First Week at the MTC- Speaking Chinglish all day long

I LOVE the MTC and I love being a missionary!


Life is so great! So much has happened I don’t know what to say. 


The first day was just crazy! The very first second we were in the classroom and there was no English. None at all. Ha. It was super scary at first, but it actually helps SO MUCH!! We say all of our prayers in Chinese and we pray a lot! It’s crazy how much I’ve been able to pick up!! We’ve already taught two lessons in Chinese. We get to teach one of our teachers but he acts as an investigator who doesn’t know any English. The first one was a nightmare, but the next one was really awesome and we were able to teach our investigator-teacher how to pray and why the scriptures are wonderful! So exciting!


Our district is wonderful! We work really well together and we’ve worked hard to memorize our purpose in Chinese during language study together. We made jokes in Chinese yesterday and I was so excited because that means we really understand something!


I’ve found some better things to eat which is exciting! We mostly eat fruit and there are some good salads and soups too. Oh and wraps. Plus on Sundays they bring in ice cream from the BYU creamery and it’s not Aggie ice cream, but it’s pretty darn good. We’ve made a deal that if we eat healthy the rest of the week then we get to eat that on Sunday!


Gym time is really fun! On Fridays the Mandarin sisters play soccer and it was really fun! Then on Friday Sister Earl and I were running buddies and we went running a couple of miles around the indoor track. It’s 10 laps to the mile so it gets a little old, but we had fun! 


Our zone is wonderful! We are also a branch. The “oldest” district left this morning. They were our Aussies off to speak Mandarin in Melbourne and Sydney (awesome, right dad?!). Also one of them was British and us sisters really liked listening to him talk. They were also our zone leaders and sister training leaders for the first week and they were so funny and helpful. We’ll miss them. Our Mandarin branch meets all together for Sacrament meeting. It’s so cool that we can do that. There’s actually a couple of Mandarin branches right now. Anyway, for Sacrament meeting our Branch Presidency gives us a topic each week and we all get to write a talk on it. Then during Sacrament, they choose two to speak and two to bear their testimonies- all in Chinese obviously. We were scared that one of us newbies would get picked to speak, but we lucked out and mostly the oldest district spoke since they left today. It will be so good to have 9 talks written in Chinese by the time I get out to the field though! It’s just so fun to sing the hymns and say prayers in Chinese!


Sunday was the best! We get lots of personal study time since there aren’t any classes. We meet all together for Relief Society and we get to watch Music and the Spoken Word. Yesterday was this really painful Father’s Day special. I won’t go into details…just tears haha. Then for Relief Society we all meet together and sing the Sister Missionary version of As Sisters in Zion. Google it if you haven’t heard it before. Tears. Anyway, Relief Society was just wonderful, I wish I had more time to tell you about it. We also have devotionals and movies on Sundays- yesterday we heard from Sheri Dew and then watched Legacy- it was prime! 


Today was P-Day so we got to go to the temple this morning!! Yay!! 


Life is SOOO good! I love you all!


Shoutout to my mom for the dear elders and the packages- I’m the envy of the district. 

And another shoutout to Aunt Cynthia for the cinnamon rolls- that was much needed 🙂



Me and my comp when she finally got here- she had a late flight haha. Redheads for the win! And she’s great!

6-15-14 a

Me and my comp and the other two sisters in our district. It was purple day. 🙂

6-15-14 b

The whole zone! I miss the Aussies already. I’m over on the far right and you can only kind of see my head.

6-15-14 c

The district. We’re all headed to Taichung!

6-15-14 d

Me and Sister Earl!

6-15-14 e

The sisters of the zone! Love all of these sisters!

6-15-14 f

Sister P, Sister M, and me at the temple!


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