I’m the luckiest person in the world!

Nimen hao!


This week has been absolutely amazing! I love it here! The MTC is such a powerful place! 


So much happened this week, but I’ll give you all the highlights. 


We got to hear from Elder Ballard last Tuesday! Incredible. We never know who is going to speak to us until right before the devotional, but no one really expected another apostle because there have been apostles so many times in a row. He said, “There has never been a greater time in the history of the world to be a missionary.” How amazing is that to hear? The Tuesday devotionals are also great because I get to sing in the choir and it is so powerful. Since it was an apostle, it was broadcast to all the MTCs in the world, so that’s amazing!


Several of you have asked about my schedule. I took a picture of our schedule for weeks 2 through 8 and I’ll send it to you!


It’s crazy that I’ve already been here 2 weeks! The time goes so fast, even though the days are long. 


I am wholeheartedly convinced that my MTC district is the greatest district in MTC history. Our district meeting yesterday was one of the most spiritual meetings I’ve ever had in my life. Each of them have already taught me so much and I am so grateful for their examples. They all gave up so much to be here and we all are so ready for this. Taiwan has no idea what is coming for them. We’ve been working really hard this week to SYL- Speak Your Language. It’s hard and tries your patience, but it is so good and you learn so much. It comes out as this Chinglish that is just so grammatically terrible, but using the words you know forces you to learn them. We’re all on the same page, we all have the same goals and we’re all going to what I am convinced is the greatest mission in the world. It’s an amazing group to be with. Also, my companion is incredible. I am so lucky. 


Chinese is so hard and I could never do it on my own. Everyday I’m learning that I don’t have to do it on my own. If I just really try my hardest and work towards my goals, I will be able to do what I need to do. I have so many wonderful people here to help me. And I have said more prayers in the last couple weeks than in the rest of my life. I love the challenge of it and I’m so grateful for it.


Last night we had such a great devotional! Janice Kapp Perry who wrote like ALL of the Primary songs came and spoke to us. She and her husband are the cutest old couple of all time. She said that he literally won her over with the line, “those lips look like they were made for more than playing the clarinet” at byu! It was hilarious!! And then he stood up from his seat and planted one on her. And for a bunch of missionaries that was very funny for some reason. All the mandarins were saying san shi san! (San shi san is 33…and page 33 of the missionary handbook is where it talks about male and female interaction in the missionary handbook. It’s really funny for missionaries. I don’t know, is it funny for normal people?) We sang so many of her songs together with all of the missionaries and it was super powerful. We also sang like the EFY Medley missionary edition with the The Sisters of Zion and Army of Helaman. It was hands down the coolest thing that has ever happened. By the end of the song when all of the different parts come together, every missionary had stood up and had tears in their eyes. By the end of that we all felt just so stinking pumped to be a missionary! It was great! And then for Sunday night movie we watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was so great and really reaffirmed my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Because of all that he went through, I am here right now and I am able to do my part to share the gospel he restored to the people of Taiwan!  


So this weekend is the Conference for new Mission Presidents. Literally all of the apostles are here (except for Elder Packer, I hear). In our building. But, we are “not allowed to loiter” and all the buildings they are using have “restricted access.” I personally think that it’s a righteous desire to want to loiter around the prophet, but it’s okay. I’ll follow the rules. HOPEFULLY, tomorrow we get to hear from someone amazing for Tuesday devotional! It’s always a big secret, but we have gotten some hints and rumors. We are singing an amazing arrangement of Praise to the Man. Our choir director, said this about the speaker- “He-who-must-not-be-named will be here, but don’t worry. It’s not Voldemort.” Our schedule is completely backwards for tomorrow and they’re calling it historic and it’s going to be broadcast live to all of the other MTCs in the world. They never broadcast things live, so it’s a big deal. Again, I’m so lucky!!


Love you all!

Sister Turner


Here are the funnies of attempting to speak Chinese:

1- One time I asked someone to eat the church instead of go to it. 

2- I prayed for us to sushi Chinese instead of learn it. (The word for learn sounds like, shway-she0

3- someone prayed for our dead friends instead of all of our friends…


Chinglish probs…


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