Wu Feng is the greatest!

Wow, I don’t even know where to start this week. It seems like there is just no way it’s only been one week. First off I just want to say that this is the greatest thing ever. I love it here in We Feng and I know that this is exactly where I am supposed to be right now. It is absolutely amazing! We see so many little miracles every day and Taiwan is such an incredible place.

This ward in Wu Feng is just great! They are all so excited about missionary work and so excited about taking care of us missionaries. They feed us all the time and they are all so willing to come along for a lesson. It helps SO MUCH to teach with a member present. They really do save us and take care of us. Last night we had an awesome ward party and I just felt so welcome and loved there. The language barrier is pretty big, but every day it gets smaller. I usually understand what people are saying a lot more than I can actually say back.  And you don’t need to speak the same language to show love to another person. One wonderful family planned their cute little son’s birthday party around when we were coming because they wanted to have cake with the missionaries. SO. SWEET. 

We bike so much here! Saturday was probably the most biking day of my life. We had a lesson clear out on the edge of Wu Feng which is a solid hour from our apartment on bike and we ended up going several other places too. I’ve really learned to love the biking here. It’s just fun. We always try to talk to people at the stoplights. Most people in Taiwan ride scooters so it’ll be us two on our bikes and then anywhere from 2 to like 30 or 40 scooters chilling with us at the stoplight and we’ll try to talk to them and share a pass along card and see if they are interested in meeting with the missionaries. It’s really kind of fun. It’s also super convenient because Taiwan stoplights have a countdown so you know exactly how much time you have before the light will turn green again. Most people say things like, “WOW! You are so white!” but in Chinese. And that just makes me happy. It’s a good time and it’s cool to meet so many different people. 

We teach English class every Wednesday! We invite literally everyone to come learn English. So many people want to learn English here. We teach for an hour and then share a spiritual thought. It’s cool because it brings so many people into the church. This move call (in Taiwan, we call transfers move calls, never transfers- I don’t know why) me and Sister Wadsworth are teaching the kids’ English class. This week we had about 20 in there ranging from age 2 to like 12. It was intense. And it is so much fun. Oh and I randomly got the chance to teach some piano this week too. So hard because I don’t know ANY of the Chinese vocabulary for notes or rhythm or anything, but really fun too. 

This week on Thursday, we got to go to a performance by Kuhao Case. He’s this awesome kid from Hawaii who is blind and plays piano so well. He has a Mormon message I’m pretty sure. He’s touring the Taiwan mission right now. It was just so perfect. We brought some of our investigators and it was a really cool experience. 

Last P-day we ate Italian food in Taichung City because all the sisters I was with missed American food. That was kind of funny. 

EVERYONE here feeds you. I have had some great stuff and some less good stuff. The best is mango bing and the worst is like this sweet bean blended drink. 

The garbage trucks in Taiwan all play music and it’s funny. Because there isn’t like a regular trash pick up day, everyone has to bring their garbage out to the truck when it comes, so it plays this nice little song really loud so everyone knows it’s there. 

We have a lot of really interested people in the gospel right now. We are really busy and always finding new investigators. It’s amazing to see how interested these people are. We have had several miracles in finding people. We found a miracle former record and began meeting with her, we found an awesome family to teach. I just love it so much! Sorry, I kind of ran out of time for a lot of details, but life is so good. Yesterday, there was a baptism in the ward that the elders had been working with and that was so wonderful and exciting. I’m so excited for him. 



I also love all of you and thanks for your support!


So there was a bit of a tragedy this week and my camera decided to die. But I will be getting a new one today. They’re actually pretty cheap here- everything is with the exchange rate! 

So here’s a couple pictures from the beginning of the week. 


This is a street we bike on all the time. (I promise I wasn’t biking and taking the picture at the same time. ha)


This is me and my bike. The Missionary department has us wear these attractive reflector vests after dark, which is like 7:00 here this time of year. (The sun also comes up at like 5:00)



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