A week of miracles!

This week has been SO INCREDIBLE. I am so lucky to be here. 

WARNING: This email is going to be very all over the place and sadly, my English spelling is getting worse…

Last P-day we put a box on my bike. All the missionaries have them just to take around a rain jacket and extra copies of the Book of Mormon and stuff. We heated up chopsticks to melt holes into a plastic box, which was a fun activity. 

Basic schedule: Every day starts with exercise. We usually run at this elementary school track with a bunch of old Taiwanese people. (The elderly of Taiwan like to go to exercise parks and slap themselves for exercise). Then we have an hour each of personal, companion, training, and language study. Then we go out and teach and find people to teach and meet people and it’s wonderful. Tuesday afternoons we have district meeting. Wednesday night we have English class. Sundays we have church at 9. It’s pretty great and we do lots of different things all day. 

My companion, Sister Wadsworth is so awesome! We’re really similar in a lot of ways and get along really well! She’s from Indiana and she will be spending her last two transfers training me, so I’m her last companion. She’s already been in this area for 6 MONTHS and will be for the next 3 so that’s rare and awesome and helps us so much because she knows everyone so well. 

An amazing member took us to Hot Pot this week. So much delicious food. It is the best Chinese food ever. 

I also got to go to a KFC this week because that’s where an investigator wanted to meet. American food was weird, but also good. But also still KFC, so kind of gross. 

The members are amazing and help us out so much. There’s one who fills our bike boxes with food every Sunday. And life is great.

The piano teaching thing I mentioned last week is every week with our family going to the temple! They were less active and their kids were never baptized, but my companion has been in this area for a long time working with them and their kids have been baptized and they’re getting sealed in October! AND…I get to go!!!! It’ll be in Chinese which is a little frightening. 🙂 We go with them to get the temple prep class and teach their kids some primary songs. They are my favorite! Teaching English is also cool. Everyone here wants to learn English. 

We actually went ringing doorbells this week for a minute. We talked to a really nice lady who let us in for a while and we prayed together! Miracle. 

I had a really awesome opportunity to go on exchanges to Taiping this week. I was with Sister Lin, one of our Sister Training Leaders, who is from Taipei. She is an awesome person and an awesome missionary. It was a really cool experience to be with her for a day. Her English is pretty good, but we spoke Chinese the whole time. We met with some really cool people and she really helped me a lot. It was also really weird to totally be the ONLY white person. I’ve always at least been with another white missionary. It was also a fun change for a day. 

We found 3 amazing new investigators this week. I love them all and I’m really excited. 

1-One was invited to church last week by one of our members and just stayed for the baptism and she sat by me. We met with her later in the week at the same members house for dinner and she is really wonderful and interested in the blessings her friend’s family has seen from the gospel. They’re both from Mainland China. Miracle. 

2-One came to English class and was really excited about that! So cool. We’re meeting with her before English class and she is so awesome. She and her mom have begun reading the Book of Mormon. Miracle.

3-On Friday, we got stood up by one of our investigators at the library, but we ran into another wonderful little lady and invited her to our Relief Society activity on Saturday. She came and made a bunch of friends in the Relief Society and one of them invited her to church! Then she came yesterday and she was absolutely touched by the meeting. Like full on crying. It was adorable. We met with her after church and taught her the first lesson and she already feels so good about everything. SO MANY MIRACLES. 


I just love you all! Life is so great here! I am so lucky to be here in Taiwan with these amazing people! 

Love, Emily

(I forgot to bring my connector cord. But I bought a new camera! So next week, I will send a whole bunch!)



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