Here are the wonderful people who brought me a birthday cake. The cake is on the table with a candle in it. 🙂

We are going to SUN MOON LAKE today!! I am SO excited. But that makes today more of a party day than a preparation day so I don’t have a lot of email time. 

This week:

-I learned how to eat soup with chopsticks! (Yes that’s a thing they do). 

-We moved a bed down some super tight stairs to help out a member. It was pretty intense. 

-I learned of the joys of Korean/Taiwanese food. BEST.

-I saw my first Taiwanese gecko! I’ve always heard that they are all over, but this is the first one I’ve actually seen! It was exciting and adorable. 

-Since last week was Mid-Autumn Festival everyone had kaorou! It’s like awesome barbecue, but like super different than our kind of barbecue. Like we would cook some things and then eat some things. But our ward barbecue on Monday went for like three hours and we were cooking and eating the whole time. So great. Also they cook tofu so well that I thought it was meat for a bit and then was really excited when I discovered it was tofu! So much good stuff! 

-This week our English class was awesome! We got some English children’s books from the library and read those and we played some games. We had a good little spiritual share at the end from a nursery manual we found too. It was SO much better! Loved it! Those kids are growing on me 🙂

-We’ve started going running at 6:00 every morning instead of 6:30. It’s good for us even though it’s a little painful haha!

-Since it was my birthday last week, last P-Day some lovely members bought me a cake and a candle it was just the best thing ever! Everyone is SO sweet here! 

We have some wonderful things going on as far as the work goes. We got three new investigators this week! They’re all pretty young- 14, 17, and 18. But they’re all really cool too. We were really scared to teach a 14 year old haha. So good though. We hit all the mission standards this week so we were really excited! Our awesome investigator who had been reading so much dropped us because of family opposition to the church. That’s a HUGE issue here. We’ve been really sad about that, but we’re going to casually eat lunch with her this week without talking about the church and see if we can overcome that. 

The Asians have a whole lot of family history to do. The members who do it have literally thousands of names in their line so it’s intense. It’s really cool though. That’s definitely something that has a big effect here because their history all goes back to ancient China and there is no one else who has ever done their family history work. I’m excited and slightly scared to go through the temple in Chinese next month. There’s no way to practice and learn those words beforehand. We’ll see. It’ll be really cool though.

My personal goals the last several weeks have been to try to not think about myself when we’re teaching or talking to people or doing anything else. It seems like whenever I think about myself I think, “Dang it, my Chinese isn’t very good!” or “It is SO hot here!” or unnecessary things like that. When I try to focus on others, I’m just happy. It’s been the hardest goal I’ve ever set for my self and I’m going to be working on it the whole time I’m here. It’s just the way that the Savior lived though. He never took a thought for himself.

We have found some perfectly prepared people here. Taiwan is so ready for the gospel. It’s just incredible. I love this place. It’s wonderful to know that this is exactly where my Father in Heaven wants me to be. I know that He loves these people so much and I’m just lucky to be a part of it. 

 I love you all!!


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