This week has been a bit of a roller coaster.


I made a whole text message in Chinese! SO. HARD. Took a solid 20 minutes, but I was really proud!


Something I’ve realized is that our purpose as missionaries really is to invite others to come unto Christ. The last couple of days especially, I’ve really been trying to talk to everyone with renewed effort. There are a lot of promised blessings mentioned in Preach My Gospel about what we can gain through talking to everyone including getting better at the language and finding people to teach, but the best thing that I’ve seen is that I am so much happier. I’ve seen the difference it makes to try to talk to someone at every stoplight, every time I get off my bike, or when we are just walking down the road. There are SO many people here. And even if I only have 10 seconds at a stoplight to invite them to church, I try to do it. I’m far from perfect, but I’ve seen how great it is. It is impossible to be unhappy in inviting others to come unto our Savior Jesus Christ. The message of the gospel is SO happy and there is nothing better than sharing it. 

This week has been a very solid effort to find new people to teach. We were rejected and stood up and it was hard. But Sister Wadsworth and I have really helped each other through it and we saw a lot of miracles. We definitely invited A LOT of people to come unto Christ, and although almost all of them weren’t ready at this time, I’ve come to realize that even though it makes me sad that they aren’t ready, I can feel okay about doing my best to invite them. This is our Heavenly Father’s work and I am so glad to play my small part. We were led to invite these people and I know that in some way it made a difference. By Sunday we found a new solid investigator who has a lot of interest and we can see how much she has been prepared by the Lord. We’re meeting with her whole family this week and we couldn’t be more excited. 

We had a really good Zone Training Meeting this week. We always do some kind of practicing at the end of the meeting so that we can help each other become better teachers or better at contacting and all of the other things that we missionaries do. But this week, our new Zone Leaders had us come to the Wu Quan chapel by the mission home for our meeting which isn’t our normal meeting place. For our training we all divided up and went contacting right by the mission home. The mission home is right in the center of Taizhong and there are always a ton of people there. It’s right by that night market that I went to a couple of weeks ago- Yi Zhong Jie/First Center Street- and this HUGE hospital. We all talked to a lot of people and we found a lot of prepared people and learned a lot. It was a really cool experience and that’s what got me recommitted to talking with everyone. 

Last Monday for P-day we went to COSTCO and got some American food. It was great. I miraculously found my favorite thing- Biscoff spread. Woo- miracle! We also got French Toast muffins on the recommendation of Sister Wheeler. Solid. We also went out to Shark Bites Toast-which is this awesome restaurant in Taiwan with waffles and bananas and papaya milk- with Lin JieMei to celebrate her baptism and that was a really good time. We talked about the temple and it was just so good. She is the best!  Later in the week she helped us out as a member at a lesson with a new investigator and it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced to watch her share her testimony. 

Yesterday I got to go on exchanges with Sister Parkinson. It was REALLY great. She came back here with me to our area and I was “leading the area” for the first time in my mission. It was super great. We taught one of our progressing investigators and a new investigator together. It was really cool. I got us a little bit lost Monday night, but I prayed that we would be guided where we needed to go. We ended up taking a very long route to get where we needed to, but we got there. And along the way at stoplights and on the sidewalk, we found so many people to share the gospel with and it was amazing to me. I loved it. 

General Conference was absolutely the best! All of us missionaries got to gather in the family history center to watch it in our native language- YAY English! (Sister Park, who is the coolest Korean sister ever, also got to watch in Korean). I thought it was really exciting that they started having some of the authorities speak in their native language. It’s something that I’ve been too spoiled to realize until now, but that kind of awkward translator voice is how a lot of the world hears all of conference all of the time. It was good that the Cantonese, Spanish and Portuguese speaking members were able to hear something for real this time. Fingers crossed that my beloved Mandarin Chinese speakers get a turn next go around. As far as actual conference goes, it was fantastic. There is nothing greater than hearing the words of our prophets. My favorite thing ever was going home and sharing with my companion what I had learned and realizing that we had learned such different things. We were both able to receive such personal revelation. I loved Elder Bednar’s words on missionary work- we are kind of “awkward and relentless” but it’s because we love this gospel. I loved Elder Holland’s words. I always love Elder Holland’s words. We really just need to reach out to everyone around us and serve them as the Savior would. I felt that so many spoke about personal responsibility and the use of our agency. Our agency truly is a great gift and we are responsible for the choices we make. Ultimately, the greatest choice is to follow our Savior as best as we possibly can because when we do, He makes up for the rest. I know that is true. 

I love you all so much! Thanks for your support! 


Exchanges with Sister Parkinson!




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