Primary Songs bring Miracles!

This week was REALLY great! We got to go to the temple with half of the Taizhong zone and the Zhong Hua zone. It was so great. I love the temple. We were able to do some Chinese and some English. There’s no better place to be than the temple. I loved it so much! It was also cool to take the bus up to Taipei.  

A miracle of the week was a new family we found to teach. We sang “I am A Child of God” with them and the Spirit was SO strong. Those Primary songs bring the Spirit more than anything else we could ever do. We also had the chance to sings “I Love to See the Temple” with the Li family this week. They are going to the temple to be sealed this week and it was just a really cool moment to feel the Spirit with them. 

Everything else is going really well! There are so many little miracles every week. Every time we stop and talk to someone, the Spirit is with us. So many little logistical miracles happen every day too. we are truly guided to all of the places we are meant to be as missionaries. It is such a blessing to be here and to serve. I am so grateful for all of your support and your encouragement! You are the best. Shout out to my amazing sister who got to Minnesota this week to do the same thing! I’m glad we’re in this together. This is the Lord’s work and I’m so glad to have a part in it. 

Here are some temple pictures! 

10-19-14 (4) 10-19-14 (3) 10-19-14 (2)


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