A New Move Call and A New Start


Famous Dali watermelon juice to celebrate!


This week has been fantastic. Sister Sears (my new companion) is absolutely fantastic. She is such a great example to me when it comes to “getting stuff done.” We set high goals. We exercise a lot of faith. We work REALLY hard. And then we see miracles. It’s been so great. We worked really hard to talk with everyone we could this week. We’ve set a goal for everything we do. If we are biking for half an hour out to Wu Feng, we set a goal to talk to a certain number of people and to exchange numbers with a certain number of people. We’ve been working to follow the Spirit to know who to talk to and we really have been led to pull over to talk to certain people and invite them to hear the gospel. It’s been incredible. As we have prayerfully set high and specific goals, we have been blessed to see so many miracles.
We have seen so many miracles this week from setting specific goals and being organized. Every time we have prayerfully set these goals, we’ve found a way to accomplish them. Yesterday, we had a goal to talk with everyone and exchange numbers with at least two people on the way home from Stake Conference. We prayed before we left the church and felt impressed to take a different route home. We ended up talking to so many people that we wouldn’t have and easily attained our goal. It was a testament to me that our Heavenly Father will always be with us as we seek His will and work hard to accomplish it.
I’ll be teaching kid’s class again this move call for our English class. This week we taught our students how to sing “I Am a Child of God” in English. It was really great. Such a Spirit entered that room and our students payed attention and worked to understand the words. I know that we are all children of God and I am so glad to tell people about it.
Sister Sears and I have been working really hard to teach the gospel simply. In our teaching, we’ve been trying to really adapt our teaching to each investigator’s needs and focus on extending commitment invitations. We have seen so many blessings because we have allowed the Spirit to really be the teacher. One of our investigators who has been struggling the last couple of weeks to come to church let us know what her real concern is- going to church reminds her of her daughter who passed away years ago and so she doesn’t want to go back. We wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t been teaching the way the Spirit directed us to. Another investigator was impressed to invite her husband to meet with us as well, which was such a miracle. They both came to church yesterday with their daughter!
Last Friday was Sister Sear’s birthday! We couldn’t celebrate much, but it was the best proselyting day ever! We had so many miracles, so many lessons and found so many lessons. I got her a famous Dali watermelon juice to celebrate.

Being a missionary is the best! I love you all! Thanks so much for you support and love!


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