Too many miracles to count!

11-23-14 (2)

National Museum on Natural History on P-Day!


This week has been absolutely fantastic! We saw so many miracles and we’ve been working hard. I’m so lucky to be with Sister Sears. She’s just so great. The work is going strong! Here’s a few miracles from the week:

Last Monday- 11/17

It was NOT P-day due to some weird things with the new missionaries who had been visa waiting coming in. So after we emailed, we went over to the 7 to do the rest of our language study and were honestly just feeling a little bit bummed and tired that it wasn’t P-day. As we were sitting there, a lady came up to us and introduced herself and we began to talk about the gospel and the church. We basically taught her the whole first lesson of the Restoration. It was amazing and we were definitely guided to be there and know what to say. Then as she was leaving the 7, Sister Sears noticed her shoes and realized that she was the same lady that she had just complimented about her shoes before she came and talked to us. She really taught me that so much can come from just a few nice words!

That night we also went and at dinner with Hong Jiemei. She’s basically my Wu Feng ward mom. Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve only had only one really homesick moment and that was back on my birthday, my second Sunday at church and  she saved me. She talked to me really nice and slow and made sure that I understood. And she threw me a birthday party the next day! She’s fantastic. We went to her house and ate pizza (YES-American style pizza). with her that night and she shared with us about her personal conversion and missionary work. She’s basically my hero. 

Tuesday- 11/18

Tuesday we had a really good District Training Meeting where we discussed resolving investigators concerns of faith and commitment and how to help them commit to baptism. It was much needed and really great. 

That night we also had an investigator call us and want to meet right then. I met her my third week but then she quit answering our phone calls. She is really cool and she’s excited to meet with us again. Miracle! 

Wednesday 11/19 

I biked faster and harder on Wednesday than I ever have before. It was a full day and it was just full of miracles. We met with SO many people. We were taught SO many lessons. We found 4 new investigators!! We got to bear our testimonies so many times. We taught English class and there were 33 people in our kids class-insane! It was just about the best day ever. I love missionary work! It feels good to go to bed at night just absolutely exhausted after doing this work all day. 

Thursday 11/20 

Thursday was Weekly Planning. I just love weekly planning. We receive so much inspiration and get really nice and organized for the week. It’s my favorite. 

We found the most incredibly golden new investigator on Thursday. She had met missionaries down south and they referred her to us. We had been preparing all week to teach the Plan of Salvation with a focus on a baptismal invitation, but several times it just hadn’t worked out. But we taught her and it was one of the greatest lessons of my mission. Sister Sears has really been helping me to be more bold and confident in my Chinese in our teaching and in that lesson, it really made a difference. I know that we were led to find her and we were led in our teaching. It was the greatest feeling to testify and invite to baptism with that boldness and she accepted a baptismal goal. We are so excited about it! 

Friday 11/21 

So it was finally P-day! Ha. There’s this thing in Taiwan where museums and similar things are closed every Monday. It’s just kind of a bummer for missionaries. Sister Sears and I both love museums! So Sister Sears and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Coming back from our morning run, we stopped someone on the road and basically asked him what the coolest thing is in Taizhong that is closed on Mondays. He told us to go to the National Museum on Natural History. We figured out the BRT bus system to get there and it was SO COOL. One of the best P-days ever. We saw some super cool stuff and it was just super duper fun. 

The rest of the weekend was super great and full of so many miracles in finding people. Talking with everyone is seriously the greatest thing ever. We just share the gospel with everyone in sight and the miracles just keep rolling in. Heavenly Father is so good to us. I just can’t even believe how lucky I am to be here and do this work! I love you all so much and thank you for your support! 


11-23-14 (1)

Chinese warriors!



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