A week of Thanksgiving!


Exchanges with Sister Henderson


This week was one of the greatest of my mission thus far! I feel like I say that every week- but it’s true. It just gets better every day! 

Here are some things that I am thankful for this week: 

1- I am grateful that I had a chance this week to go on exchanges with Sister Henderson. She is a super lihai missionary and I learned so much from her example! We had a super awesome 24 hours together. 

2- I am super grateful that last P-day we had a good chill day. We went to the Da Mai Jia, which is basically just a big Asian Walmart with anything you could want in there. And I am really super grateful that the lady who was selling massage chairs asked if we wanted to try them out! And I’m glad that my companion and I went for it and tried those chairs! It was THE GREATEST MOMENT EVER. Ha! 

3- I’m really grateful that I live in such a populous country and get to talk to all of these wonderful people about their Heavenly Father and about Jesus Christ and His gospel! Last week was the final week of Faith and Diligence month and our challenge was to invite 500 people to hear the restored gospel. It took some faith and diligence, but it was just so enjoyable! I just love sharing this message and inviting others to come unto Christ! 

4- I’m grateful that I get to see the Hastening of the Work of Salvation first hand. Yesterday, my Wu Feng ward was split into the Dali and Wu Feng wards. It’s exciting to realize that what was the Wu Feng branch just a few short years ago is now 2 wards! 

5- I am SO grateful that this week we got to have our Mission Tour. Elder Gerritt W. Gong and Sister Gong, who serve as the Asia Area President and wife came. They are SO. COOL. We had a sisters session where we discussed Elder Gong’s talk, “Becoming Perfect in Christ.” We had a Thanksgiving dinner all together. We all really felt the Spirit together and learned a lot about how to improve our work. Elder Gong testified particularly about the power of sharing the First Vision with our investigators for the first time and it really increased my testimony of Joseph Smith. It was a really cool day. We also had the chance to ask Elder Gong some questions about the Asia Area. SO. COOL. More than half of the world’s population is in this area and I am so glad to be a missionary here at this time. 

6- I am so grateful I have the chance to be here and speak Chinese. It’s hard, but it has taught me to trust my Heavenly Father. The last couple of weeks, I have really felt the improvement in my language ability and it has been a real blessing. The gift of tongues is real! 

7- I am so glad that on Thanksgiving day, our food was just taken care of. We ran into Shibaba at the place we were buying lunch and of course he wouldn’t let us buy our own! And that night, we were invited to eat with a member’s parents last minute just out of the kindness of their Taiwanese hearts! 

8- I am so grateful for my companion Sister Sears! She is so great! I have learned so much from her example and we have been working so hard together. So many amazing things are happening! This last week we’ve been on a lot of “miracle hunts” with goals to teach people we hadn’t met before and invite them to continue to meet with us. It’s amazing how our Heavenly Father has blessed us in our efforts! 

9-I am just so grateful to be a missionary in Taiwan! This truly is the greatest thing I could EVER have done! 

I am so grateful for all of you! Thanks for your love and support! You are the best! 

Sister Turner


Massage chairs!




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