A Christmas baptism for my last week in Wu Feng!


12-14-14 (2)
Hello everyone! So last week my email was basically nonexistent…my bad. So here’s the best thing that happened every day in the last two weeks!

12/1- P-day! We went into Beiqu with Sister Murdock and Sister Hicken. We got some pizza and shopped around Yi Zhong Jie. It was a lot of fun. Sister Hicken was Sister Sears MTC companion and Sister Murdock was my MTC companion so there was some good bonding there. I had a hot Dong Gua Cha for the first time too-it’s been getting colder lately!

12/2- We had our Taizhong Zone Training meeting and Sister Sears and I were asked to train the zone on diligence. It was great!

12/3- December 3rd was actually probably the hardest day of my mission thus far. It was just kind of rough. We got stood up a bunch and I was struggling with some things and our English students were just a little bit insane. The miracle of that day was my companion Sister Sears. She is seriously the greatest and I don’t know what I would have done without her!

12/4- We had the Taiwan Taizhong Mission Christmas Activity! It was SO much fun. Arthur- the taxi driver in our ward- picked us up super early and drove us into the mission home where we got on a bus with the zone and headed down to Gaoxiong. The Christmas activity is the only time the entire mission gets together all year. We all went down to Fo Guang Shan, which is this super cool and just massive Buddah Memorial Center. It was so cool to see. Then we went to this ChiDaoBao-“Eat until you’re full”- place in Gaoxiong that overlooks the harbor that just had a massive amount of good sea food and all you can eat ice cream. All 200 missionaries just crushed the place. It was the best. Then we went to a chapel and had an incredible Christmas devotional with all of us together. The departing missionaries gave their reflections and President and Sister Blickenstaff spoke. President Blickenstaff spoke specifically about consecration and it was really great. SUCH a good day!

12/5- We taught Huang Jiemei about repentance in Alma 36. It was really great. She’s a sweet little grandma that we’ve been teaching and I just love her dearly.

12/6- We met with a SUPER great new investigator! Sister Sears and I taught really really in sync and we both really felt the Spirit. So great!

12/7- Our investigator Xiao Jiemei, whose husband is VERY against the church, was in the hospital and so she was able to bring her kids to church because he didn’t know! It sounds like an awful thing, but it was such a miracle!

12/8-P-day again! Sister Sears and I went to the train station and asked someone what was cool to go see and she told us to get on bus 27 and go to Qing Mei where there is some cool “art.” Then we got there and discovered that “art” is a million bears painted different ways that people take selfies with! I am not even kidding! So many people were there taking selfies with bears! A bunch of people even had those selfie extender things to put their phones on to get a good angles. It was Hilarious! That night we also went to FHE with the singles in the ward and ate Hot Pot. Hot Pot is my favorite food in the world.

12/9- We taught our recent convert Zhang Jiemei how to pray in English! She’s really been struggling lately, but she really likes learning English and it helped a lot!

12/10- For English class, we always teach English for an hour and then have a Spiritual Share for half an hour. Our Spiritual Share this week was a baptism! A little girl in the Taiping ward wanted to get baptized on her birthday and we invited all of our English students! It was super great! So many people were interested and had a lot of questions for us! I love the spirit of a baptism. Especially for a sweet little girl!

12/11- We had the funniest dinner at a members house. Xu Didi copied everything I was doing. We all just laughed until we cried. I can’t even explain it! So great!

12/12- We tracted into the greatest new investigator! Her name is Sharalyn. She’s from the Phillipines and works for a Taiwanese family here. We taught her in English and miracle- just so happened to have a Tagolog Restoration pamphlet on us! It was so incredible! We’re teaching her again today and I’m so excited!

12/13- Lai Jiemei got baptized! She is the greatest! I just love her so much! I met her back in October. We got a referral from her boyfriend and were a little nervous, just because it’s scary to teach a 17-year-old girl who wanted to hear about the church because of her boyfriend! But she turned into the most incredible investigator! I just love her so much! She has been so willing to learn. She is the most humble and chill person. She loves praying. She loves the Book of Mormon. She LOVES Young Women. She is just so great. She goes to church all by herself, but has made a bunch of friends there. The Wu Feng Young Women have been so good to her. Her baptism was the most humble baptism I had ever attended. Her boyfriend baptized her and he spoke and told us about how he had been so excited when she started to meet with us and how he and his family had fasted for her. There weren’t very many people there, just the missionaries and some Young Women and the Young Women president as well as her boyfriend’s family. It was just so perfect. I’m so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me to be a part of it. I am so excited for her to keep going int the church.

12/14- My last Sunday in Wu Feng! I found out on Saturday that I’ll be moving this week! I just love the people of the Wu Feng ward. They have been beyond kind to me and have taught me so much about charity. Love them and I will miss them, but I am excited for a new adventure as well. We also had a cool fireside for 30 years of the Taipei temple!


12-14-14 (1)


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