QiShan is a beautiful land of Miracles!

2015 1-4 (2) 2015 1-4 (5)

Happy New Year everyone! 2015! 

Wow I just love QiShan!  When I told people I was moving I got two reactions. Wu Feng ward members all just said that there were a lot of bananas there. Other missionaries said that it’s really beautiful, but it’s really hard to find people to teach. I just didn’t want to believe that really. And I’m glad that I didn’t. We’ve found so many wonderful prepared people to share the gospel with. We’ve been so busy sharing the gospel and it has been so wonderful. These last two weeks, I have felt so guided by the Spirit. I know that I have been called to share the gospel here and I love every minute of it.  

This last week was a four-day New Years weekend for everyone in Taiwan and it turns out that everyone likes to come out to QiShan and MeiNong for the holidays. I decided that our area is kind of like Garden City or Laketown in Bear Lake. For the Fourth of July and Raspberry Days, there is a ridiculous amount of people there, all from different places, but the rest of the year, it’s just the farmers and the people who work at the stores. (A bunch of our investigators are people who work at the food stands that we usually eat at and at the 7s!). The weekend was awesome and we contacted a whole bunch of really cool people from Gaoxiong and Taibei and Taizhong and Tainan and referred them to missionaries up there. It’s all the same work right? And we still found a bunch of people who live here who were willing to meet with us and hear the gospel! We found several new investigators last week and it was SO great!  

Our two investigators that are really progressing towards baptism right now are Chen Jiemei and Wen Jiemei. They are both from Indonesia and Chinese is their second language as well, so the language barrier is pretty large with them. It’s pretty amazing though that the language of the Spirit is so strong with them. They read their Indonesian Books of Mormon and we have the pamphlets in Indonesian. Sometimes they’ll pray in Indonesian as well. The gift of tongues is real! The beginning of last week was a little scary with them because one of them wasn’t answering phone calls and one of them stood us up and we were out of contact for a couple of days. But we were able to meet with them both again and it turned out that the standing us up was because of a communication error and the lack of answering phone calls was because she was sick. It was all okay. I just loved them both so much. They have both been working really hard to prepare for their baptismal goal since we started meeting with them. The thing that has been the hardest change has been the Word of Wisdom. One of them went for 5 or 6 cups of coffee every day since she was little to three whole days without any! It’s been hard because she’s had such headaches, but we are praying for her! They’re both praying and working so hard and they have such strong testimonies. I am so lucky that Heavenly Father has allowed me to meet such incredible people here in Taiwan.  

The whole week felt like a miracle, but one of the most unexpected was last Saturday night. We were going to do English powerboarding (just inviting literally everyone to come to our English class) at the night market and had about 5 minutes before the rest of the district would get there, so we said a prayer to find someone to come to church with us the next morning. Then we went and the first two girls that we talked to were really interested and excited, and not only came to church with us yesterday, but LOVED it and are really excited to meet with us later this week. She even said she’d bring her sister. All in a two minute conversation waiting for English powerboarding. Heavenly Father is always placing people in our path and I feel so great going out and talking to all of them. We had a district training on Using Time Wisely and Talking With Everyone last week- my two favorite topics! It really is true. 

I know that the church is true and that this is the work of our Heavenly Father! I am so lucky to have my small part in it! 

I love you all! 

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