2015 1-25 (1)

Zhong Zheng Lake!

 Sorry my last week email was super lame. 

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely incredible and SO FULL OF MIRACLES! I love QiShan! I love being a missionary. I love the people of Taiwan. I love the Chinese language!  Life is just so good. 

Since I didn’t give a good update last week- here’s some little somethings for the last two weeks. 

1/12- It was a chill P-day! We ate lunch at an Argentina-themed restaraunt! Then some members invited us over for dinner. They are SO funny! Li Dixiong kept on talking about NF-ELLO and speaking Italian and French and Spanish words at us. They travel a lot. They were also amazed that Elder Crapse is so tall. They just couldn’t get over it. “Liang-bai duo!!” It was SO FUNNY. 

1/13- We had a super awesome District Training Meeting about teaching. Our little district is working really hard to find all of those wonderful miracles in QiShan!

1/14-We met with our recent convert Chen Wei Ting and talked about the Book of Mormon. I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. We watched the mormon message with the guy in London talking about his testimony of the Book of Mormon and it was really powerful. (We also helped her get fuyin tushuguan/ gospel library on her phone and she was SO excited! It was great!) I felt like I was so much better able to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon having just recently finished it and reaffirming the truth of it to me personally. I love working with new members who have already acted in so much faith by being baptized and helping them to really gain that personal testimony and joy in the gospel. 

1/15- Our new investigator Flower (Taiwanese people always come up with the funniest English names) wanted to meet with us at 8:30 in the morning! It was so weird to be out that early before we could get in all of our studies. (Don’t worry, we made them up later).  We met her at our English class and she was willing to meet with us. She was really interested by the Book of Mormon. She’s been to about four other Christian churches in her life and she really felt the power as we testified of restored truth through Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. 

1/16- We had a super great weekly planning. Sister Biancardi and I have been setting super high goals this whole move call and we just keep on getting closer and closer. I am learning a lot and we are always striving to be better. 

1/17-We did English Proselyting at the night market and ran into two of our investigators who hadn’t been answering their phones for a couple of days. Miracles! 

1/18-The greatest miracle of my time in QiShan: Fu Jiemei!!! The elders met her on Saturday and then she came to church on the 18th. She has a sister-in-law who joined the church in TaiZhong five years ago and she has seen a huge change in her sister’s life. She says that she wants that change too. She has three boys and they older two came to church and loved it. She came with us to Relief Society and asked a bunch of questions and loved it as well. Such an incredible mom! We just love her and we are so excited 🙂 

1/19-This was one of the greatest days of my mission thus far. It was P-Day so we went out to MeiNong to see some cool stuff. We found some oil painted umbrellas and went to Zhong Zheng Lake. It was SO beautiful and wonderful! I just love Taiwan SO much! I can’t even believe it sometimes. That night, we went tracting and knocked on three doors- and got into two! (I don’t know what the ratio normally is, but it’s not at all like that!) We taught a couple and a big family. It was so cool to sit with them and ask them what they believed in and teach them to pray. After that, we met with the same Fu Jiemei that had come to church the day before. We taught her and her family the Restoration and it was SO wonderful. She is just so accepting and prepared. She accepted a baptismal goal and her 11 year old son also tentatively accepted. We are so excited! 

1/20- We met with a less active member and she brought her friend! She had seen some things that she didn’t quite like in her own church and she has been searching. It was wonderful to testify again of the Restored gospel and see it in her as the Holy Ghost testified of the truth. She’s going home for Chinese New Year, but after the break, we’ll work with her again. 

1/21- We had Zone interviews and planner checks in Gaoxiong. It was really great. In my interview with President Blickenstaff, we discussed my personal mission vision, goals, and plans and then Doctrine and Covenants section 6. I learned so much in those 10 minutes. I swear half of the reason I was called to this mission was to serve and learn under the direction of President Blickenstaff. 

1/22- We met with Fu Jiemei again and taught her the Plan of Salvation. I love that Heavenly Father has provided a perfect plan for us with Jesus Christ and His Atonement at the center. I love that I had the chance to teach this little FAMILY about the wonderful truth of His plan! 

1/23-Our awesome Recent convert Chen Wei Ting brought a friend to her lesson! So wonderful! We got the chance to review the plan of Salvation and Chen Jiemei got the chance to testify of the truth to her friend. She’s another one who is going home for Chinese New Year, but we’ll keep in contact for sure 🙂 

1/24-We just had an awesome day talking with everyone. We try to talk to everyone every day, but this day was just the best. We found so many wonderful people. It just makes me so happy to share my testimony with so many people all day long! 

1/25- We had another tracting miracle! It was one of those “one more door on Sunday night” miracles. So good we found a mom  and a daughter who were so cool and willing. We’re excited to keep meeting with them again. 


Sorry for the spazziness of my emails, but there’s just a tidbit for every day! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Missionary work is just the best. 

2015 1-25 (2)

Loved the flowers!


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