Teaching Families! And asking lonely little goat herders for directions in the “mountain villages of Taiwan!”

2015 2-1 (2)

This is on the ferry boat. The big building is the famous 85 in Gaoxiong- the second tallest building in Taiwan after Taipei 101

2015 2-1 (3)

THIS is my home! Love it out in MeiNong

2015 2-1 (4)

This is our favorite Zhua bing friend. She sells it on QiShan Ancient Street

2015 2-1 (5)

Men boiling a goat. Neimen is the best!

    Sometimes I can’t even begin to believe how lucky I am. Really. About 400 times this last week, I’ve just stopped for a second to say a prayer of gratitude for all the wonderful things that Heavenly Father has given me. I have gained such an appreciation for the little things here in QiShan. Sometimes I’ll just be so happy to have a mugua niunai- papaya milk! I’m really grateful to serve in such an incredible area that is SO beautiful and in a ward that is so kind to us missionaries. I’m so grateful for my companion Sister Biancardi. She’s just such a sweetheart and her testimony is so rock solid. Today is the beginning of a new move call and it looks like we’ll be together here again for now! I’m so grateful for every person that I meet and invite, even the ones who reject. This last week brought a lot of rejection, but it also brought a lot of miracles! It turns out the more people you talk to, the more people you invite, the more you get rejected and accepted and the more miracles you find. And honestly, the more people I talk to, the happier I am! There is nothing greater than missionary work here in Taiwan! 

This last week, we found four new investigators! And every single one of them was found just by talking to people wherever we go. At the grocery store, at lunch, pulling over on the side of the road to talk to all the people we see. It’s built my testimony so much that Heavenly Father truly does place prepared people in our path as we are willing to open our mouths and invite them. 

This week we met with Fu Jiemei again! She is the most golden investigator of all time. She is so prepared and she wants the gospel so bad. We have been teaching her and her 11 year old son Jia Xiang, and she also has a 3 year old and a 9 month old who are adorable. Jia Xiang and Fu Jiemei are SO renzhen about reading they’re scriptures. We asked them to read just a few chapters about baptism and the plan of salvation and they had marked them all up and had super awesome specific questions that I really had to rely on the Spirit to be able to answer. They are so incredible. ESPECIALLY Jia Xiang. I don’t think I’ve ever met an 11 year old who is that good about reading the scriptures with real intent- and we just gave him his own Book of Mormon last week. And then last night, the QiShan elders had a baptism and their entire family came- Fu Jiemei’s husband included! That was the biggest miracle of all time. In Taiwan, one of the most common problems is people not getting baptized because of family opposition, so we were a little worried about her husband, but he came to the baptism last night and I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS FAMILY. I am so grateful that I am here right now and we are able to share the gospel with them. 

Here’s a sidestory about the baptism last night: There was a super huge problem with the font last night and it affected the power in the whole building and the water was full on green and there was nothing else that could be done about it. The whole water in the church is out for the week. Luckily Lin Dixiong is a tomato farmer who had been investigating the church for 24 years and he wasn’t going to wait one more day, so he was willing to go for it even in the gross water. It was a really humble and wonderful baptism. But, the water also has no way to drain all week, so our district’s motto now is, “Well, the baptismal font is full all week!” (By the way, our whole QiShan almost white-washing district is staying together- the elders aren’t moving either). Missionaries like to think we’re really funny sometimes. 

The greatest adventure of the week was when we went to Neimen! It is literally the middle of nowhere haha. There’s a college right on the border of QiShan and Neimen, but after that Neimen is just this mountain village of old farmers who don’t speak Chinese. We had a potential investigator who lived out there though, so we decided to venture out to meet her-even though we don’t have a map of Neimen. We biked up over the mountain into QiShan and asked people along the way for directions. We got a little lost by a big Buddhist temple and asked some people we saw there and some mountain bikers as well. The best was this family of goat herders. We pulled in and asked them where this road was and the daughter in the family helped us out. But, meanwhile, they killed a goat and began to boil him in this huge tire tube thing and scrape his hair off with a soup spoon. No kidding. It was the greatest moment of my life. I actually snuck and took a picture. It was SO good. When we finally got into Neimen we ran into a whole bunch of miracles and talked to a whole bunch of people. I love serving out in the mountain villages of Taiwan, because we run into so many people who have never met missionaries before. We found a lot of people who didn’t speak Mandarin Chinese, only Taiwanese, so I’ve made a language study goal to learn at least a few things in Taiwanese so I can really fulfill my missionary purpose with these people as well. 

It was another incredible week! LOVE YOU ALL! 

2015 2-1 (1)

This is Sunny our English student who came with us!


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