A week of POWER in Tainan!

2015 3-8 (2)

Our last lesson with Fu Jiemei and Jia Xiang before I moved!

2015 3-8 (8)

Me and Chiang Jiemei on Power Book of Mormon day! Our goal was to give away 13 copies to interested people who were willing to exchange information with us to learn more another day!

This week was incredible! I LOVE serving in the Tainan 2nd ward with Chiang Jiemei. We found SO MANY miracles this week. This last week was the Taiwan Taizhong mission power week! We cut our studies to a half an hour personal study and a half an hour companionship study and NO language study. We spent all our time out FINDING with challenges like giving out 13 copies of the Book of Mormon or setting up with 20 families. It was the best! 

 My new companion Chiang Jiemei is the greatest! Seriously. I love her so much. We have just been so happy together all week long! She’s from XinZhu, with is a bit south of Taipei. We speak Chinese literally all the time (haha there isn’t really another choice). It’s been such a testament to me of the power of the gift of tongues. I know that there is no way that I could just speak Chinese all the time on my own. But Heavenly Father has called me to serve here with these wonderful people that speak Mandarin Chinese. When I have faith in Him, He has given me the power I need to communicate. About every 10 minutes Chiang Jiemei says a word I don’t know and I get to learn it! It is the best. The gift of tongues is real and it is amazing. 

2015 3-8 (3)

Famous MeiNong painted umbrellas!

The new area is amazing. I live in Tainan Dongqu. Tainan 2nd ward is so great. It is a really small area geographically- which I am not used to, but it’s a pretty huge ward with a lot of great people to meet. The area itself is beautiful. There’s a really pretty college with a lot of people to talk to. 

 The greatest miracle of the week was when we knocked on a door and the lady who answered said that she had met me before in QiShan! I couldn’t believe it. But then I remembered. Sister Biancardi had me the most incredible family my second week in QiShan. Their 3 year old son asked us a whole bunch of questions about Jesus Christ and Christmas. But then we found out that they lived in Tainan, so we had to refer them to the missionaries here. Well, that never quite worked out. But the other night we found them! I am beyond excited that Heavenly Father lead us to them again! They are the cutest little family with two kids and it is just amazing how much the Lord’s hand is in this work. 

 We found so many great people this week. When we open our mouths, the Lord will fill them. I know that is true. 

 We had an awesome zone conference this last week where we talked about consecration. I know that there is nothing better than this work. I love being a missionary! 

I love you all. Thanks for your support and love. 

2015 3-8 (5)

A “sleepover” with the SanMin sisters!

2015 3-8 (7)


2015 3-8 (9)

Eating some bing with Chiang Jiemei! It’s already getting hot again here, haha!



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