A miracle!

2015 3-15 (1) 2015 3-15 (2) 2015 3-15 (3) 2015 3-15 (4)

Chiang Jiemei is seriously the best. We share a lot of qualities that I would consider to be my good qualities haha. We’re both just super happy about everything and we don’t get stressed hardly at all. It’s just the best. She has so much patience with me too. Sometimes it’s still really hard to express myself in Chinese, but she’s patient and we laugh and figure it out. She is so good at meeting people and instantly becoming their friend in contacting. We got rejected really hard on Wednesday and for a second we were almost bummed, but we just looked at each other and were like, “bing qi lin!” (ice cream). Yep. We know how to deal with problems. We got an ice cream and just kept on contacting. We just always say, “kuaile jiu hao le.” (Basically, just be happy). When you’re happy, there is more success in the work.

We had a really awesome miracle early in the week.We stopped and talked to a girl who had earphones in and was walking and I kind of didn’t think she’d stop, but we had a goal to talk to everyone. But she did stop and after talking for a second we gave her the flyer with all of the questions of the soul. (Like Does God exist? What is the purpose of life? etc.) She said that she had really been thinking about all of those questions lately and when we tried to set up a time, she asked if we could sit down right then and talk to her. Boom. Of course we were willing. We taught her to pray and she really felt the Spirit. She became our miracle new investigator. It was such a testament that we should try to talk to everyone, even if they look busy. I know that everyone is a child of God and I love sharing the gospel with all of them.

It’s been super fun to come into a new area again. I love this place already. We are anticipating that Chiang Jiemei will move when the next batch of visa waiters come in this week, so I’ve been trying hard to learn the roads and meet all the people FAST. I have felt a whole lot of help in learning this new area. The Tainan 2nd ward is great. It is just where I am supposed to be right now.

LOVE YOU ALL! The gospel is so true. I hope you have an incredible week!

2015 3-15 (5) 2015 3-15 (6) 2015 3-15 (7) 2015 3-15 (9) 2015 3-15 (10)

We got us a Cold Stone last P-Day.

The Cold Stone worker said to me the best thing ever. She said, “Nide Zhongwen hen hao. Ni shi Taiwanren ma?” Yes. She asked me if I was Taiwanese. That was just the greatest moment. I definitely don’t speak perfect Chinese by any means, but I have picked up Chiang Jiemei’s accent. BEST.

That was my prideful email. Sorry.  🙂


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