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Hello everyone! 

 It’s been a really crazy week, but it’s also been really wonderful. I love being a missionary and I love serving in Tainan.

 This week was super weird because we had a move call in the middle of the week. Our move calls have all been a little messed up because of so many missionaries having problems with their visas lately. So I spent the first half of the week with my most wonderful friend Chiang Jiemei (I seriously love her so much. I don’t know how we became like best friends in two weeks, but we did and it was the best.) and with Sister Cosby whose companion went home on Monday. Then on Friday, Sister Kwan moved here and Chiang Jiemei moved up to Taizhong. So this weekend it’s been me and Sister Kwan taking on Tainan. 

 Sister Kwan is great. She’s from Seattle but her parents are from Taiwan and Hong Kong. She went to BYU Hawaii and lived in Taipei for a while before her mission. She’s a super dedicated missionary who knows how to get it done. We almost get along too well. We haven’t quit talking for the three days that we have been companions haha. 

 It’s been pretty crazy to take over leading the area after only being here for two weeks. It’s been amazing to see Heavenly Father’s guidance in helping me to learn this place and meet these people so fast. So many times this week, I wasn’t quite sure where we needed to go and I couldn’t picture the whole thing in my head, but I could remember the next turn and then when I got to the next one, I could remember that one. It’s been a real testament to me that Heavenly Father leads us to where we need to go and as we trust in Him He shows us the way. 

 One miracle of the week was that we found a couple of solid new investigators. We’re really trying to get the work rolling here again.
We found two investigators from tracting the last week! It was super amazing. I usually feel like tracting is the least effective, but we really felt like we needed tract a couple of certain roads this week. And when we did, we found miracles!! It is so good that no matter what, the work goes forward. Our weaknesses don’t prevent that. If we get out and try our best, the miracles come. That is why missionary work is so wonderful- there are miracles around every corner. 



Saying goodbye at the train station. Sad!! I love her so much. 😦



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