The miracles we weren’t looking for…

2015 3-29 (1)

Last P-Day we went to QiMei BoWuGuan with the Tainan 1st ward sisters and the wonderful Sun mama!

2015 3-29 (2)

Hello everyone! I love being a missionary. I say it every single week, but it is SO true. There is nothing better than this work. 

This week was a super great week in Tainan 2nd ward. Sister Kwan and I have been working really hard to get the ball rolling here. We spent a lot of time finding this week and talking to and inviting all the people around us to hear about the restored gospel. All week, we were feeling a little worried about not finding people and about the lack of progress with the current investigators that we have. Throughout the week, we spent some good time knocking doors and biking around talking to people at the stoplights and contacting in every way we could think of without a lot of visible success. I was happy, but a little worried about not having many people to teach. I said a lot of prayers this week that Heavenly Father would help us to find some miracle new people to work with and that we could know how to help the people that we have been working with to strengthen their faith and desire to hear the gospel and act on it. We were thinking all week of how we could do things differently to help this area more. 

This week ended in a lot of unexpected miracles. They weren’t the miracles we were looking for, but of course they were the miracles we needed. On Sunday, our Chen Jiemei made it to church and had a really good experience. She has been one that has been investigating the church for several months but hasn’t been super willing to keep commitments. She said that by the end of church, she understood the Atonement more and had been strengthened by the testimonies of others there. And last night, Zheng Jiemei who we met last week, was able to meet with us for the second time and we helped her to understand prayer better and afterwards she was able to attend our ward’s singles FHE. It was great to see the impact that ward members had on these two previously unprogressing investigators. They really can make such a difference. It was such a testimony to me to see those miracles come through at the end of the week. All week, we had been hoping and praying and in the end this work is Heavenly Father’s work and He will help us to accomplish it. Sometimes the miracles are already there and we just have to look a little closer and a little more openly to see the miracles that we need. There’s always one more miracle around the corner if we look for it! 

 It’s been a really great week of missionary work and I just know that the gospel is true. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ brings greater happiness than anything else. I love the people of Taiwan and here in Dongqu, Tainan. I know that this is where I am supposed to be. LOVE YOU ALL! 

 Also if you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it!

2015 3-29 (3)

Here’s a road we tracted the other day. All of the roads in Tainan are super small because it’s such an old city!

2015 3-29 (4)

Every Sunday we go and sing to these wonderful people. It is the greatest. I love them so much. This is Elder Moore leading them in some exercises. It was the funniest thing in the world.



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