Adventures in Tainan!



We biked out to AnPing and the beach for P-day with the Tainan 3rd Ward Sisters! It was super great. We ate some good street foods and saw the ocean! I have officially now seen the ocean more on my mission in Taiwan than I did in my whole life before! Solid. Monday night we also got to meet with Chen Jiemei. She has really made a lot of progress and came to church last week which is really exciting.


We had a really great Zone Training Meeting. This is the first time I have been in the same district as the zone leaders so I’ve gotten to know them a little bit more and Elder Brinley and Elder Washburn did a really great training about personal motivation and unity as a district and zone in our goals. They shared the story of Vernon Polter who was one of the first missionaries in Taiwan and basically white washed and opened every area here, but moved in to white wash a new area before he really saw anyone get baptized anywhere. But one of the people he did find and see baptized all the way to the end was the man who translated the Book of Mormon into Chinese years later. What a difference that made to Taiwan and all of the Chinese people that I have grown to love.


I had the awesome privilege of going on exchanges with Lin Jiemei.  She is REALLY smart. She actually graduated in chemical engineering and then met missionaries and joined the church. She is an incredible and bold missionary and I learned so much from serving with her in Tainan 1st ward for a day. I learned to be bold and unafraid to invite people from her example.


We met a super surprising new investigator at the church! She was excited to see our building and in the end we got to share the gospel with her! It was an amazing little miracle that she just came to us.


We went to accompany the primary on the coolest primary field trip of all time. We had no idea it would be that cool. We thought it would be a picnic, but it was actually a filed trip to the Ten Drum Village! Super amazing. We also got to accompany a family we have been working with and it was good to see them at a church activity, even though their dad wasn’t able to come.


We found two incredible new investigators! One I had met on the road last week and she was so amazing! Another has been coming to our English class. There are miracles everywhere in this work!


It was Easter. The best part of this work is being able to represent the Savior Jesus Christ every day. I love Him and I know He lives.

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