General Conference in Taiwan!

2015 4-5 (8)

The 1st and 2nd Ward Missionaries service day

2015 4-12 (2)

Weirdest ice cream cone ever in AnPing!

This last week has been really wonderful! We just got to see Conference this last week and it was wonderful. I received a lot of revelation on what I need to change to be a better missionary and to help more people to receive the gospel. I was also super excited to hear about some new temples! I think I learned the most from Elder Holland, Elder Bednar, Bishop Causse and Elder Ringwood. 

   Conference brought a super great miracle to one of our investigators! She attended the Sunday morning session and we sat down with her afterwards to discuss what she learned. The main thing she said was, “It all just makes sense now. Those five things you’ve been talking to me about- faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost and continuing to try- are just the most important things.” How incredible that she was able to feel the truthfulness of the most basic doctrines of the gospel. She is excited and working towards her own baptism in a few weeks and we are very excited for her. (The only sad part is that we realized she lives just over the border of our area and so we will need to pass her to another ward’s missionaries. But it is all okay- she is still receiving the gospel and coming unto Christ!) 

I love being a missionary and Sister Kwan and I are seeing a lot of miracles here in Tainan! Love you all! 

Next week I’ll give you some more details about life, but today I’ll just update you in the pictures department! 

2015 4-12 (3)

The beach!

2015 4-12 (4)

Exchanges with Lin Jiemei


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