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Wow this week has been amazing! So many big changes for me, but it remains the same that Heavenly Father has once again given me an amazing sister to work with here! I have been so excited by the opportunity to train a new sister! My new companion is Sister Shen or Shen Jiemei! She’s from Taoyuan, which is just south of Taipei. She’s super wonderful! She left for the MTC in the Phillipines a couple of weeks ago on her 19th birthday! Her English is actually very good and she is excited to keep working on it throughout her mission. We’re already helping each other a lot in the language department!

Let’s see what all happened this week? SO MUCH!

Last Monday, Sister Kwan and I went to Jiayi to see her old companion Sister Finlayson who goes home this week. We had quite the time getting there (long and silly story) but it was fun to go see some other sisters for a bit!

Tuesday we ended up meeting with a recent convert and a couple of less active members and saw some real progress there. We also had a really good District Training Meeting about helping people come to church and have a good experience there. We also celebrated out District Leader’s birthday which was fun!

Wednesday was super great! We went down to Gaoxiong for our Train the Trainers meeting! We got some really good and much needed training on how to take in a new missionary and help them get started. My favorite analogy from President Blickenstaff was about teaching someone how to swim- you can’t just throw them in, but you can’t swim for them either! I’m excited for the opportunity to train a new missionary and my biggest goal is just to help her love being a Taiwan Taizhong missionary as much as I do! When we got back to Tainan later that night it was time for our English Party! We wanted to do an Easter themed party and so we played a bunch of egg games and then talked about Easter for the Spiritual Share. We played…wait for it…egg roulette!!!! Yes. I was SO EXCITED about that. I have suggested that we do that for every English party ever, but the other missionaries have always thought I was a little crazy for that. But, since it was an egg party- they agreed and it was the BEST PARTY EVER! I took pictures don’t worry.

Thursday was really packed full- we had 5 investigator lessons and one of our favorite members- guo baba- invited all of us over for dinner! Best.

Friday we got to go to the mission home to pick up our new companions! It was a fantastic day! I got to see so many of my favorite sisters who were there in all of the switching going on. The meet the trainers meeting was a really spiritual one for me. It was amazing to think back to those months ago when I had first gotten here. We watched their video of Dan Jones and it was INCREDIBLE. So amazing to see them shouting their testimonies to the night markets of Taizhong! President Blickenstaff talked about the training program and also about Alma 31- which have become some fo my favorite verses.

It was so exciting when Shen Jiemei opened her envelope and said my name to become her trainer! 

We have already had a fantastic weekend of missionary work and I couldn’t feel better about the work. 


2015 4-26 g

Reunited for a few hours with the three girls I have been with from day one at the MTC. They are training too! So fun! LOVE THEM!


(Ew! Is that a foot?!)

Emily, teaching everyone how to play “Egg Roulette”!  ha ha ha



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