Miracles in every minute

DSCN2854There truly are miracles in every minute serving as a missionary. I love it so much. There is literally nothing better than this. 

 WOW!! I just heard the absolute greatest news from the incredible Sister Sears. HUGE miracle! My dear friend Xiao Mei Zhu Jiemei was baptized in WuFeng last week! She is an incredible sister who truly changed the  way I look at life. She is so Christ-like and has wanted to be baptized for a very long time, but due to some opposition wasn’t able to. I have really been praying for her every day since I left WuFeng and I am so excited that she was able to be baptized. I love her so much and I am so grateful that I have been able to meet so many incredible people on my mission here. Also- shout out to Sister Sears who full on changed my life. She is the greatest. She’s headed home next week and it makes me SO sad. She has given everything she has to her mission and she is one of my greatest examples. 

 Monday 5/25

For P-Day we went bowling and got some Cold Stone with all of the Tainan sisters. It was super fun 🙂 Monday night we met with one of our investigators and her sons for a family home evening about the Restoration. It was the first time we had met with her kids to talk about the gospel and it went really well.  (I had only met them one other time before because they asked me for help on their math homework haha) 

 Tuesday 5/26 

We found the most incredible new investigator- Liu Jiemei. She is so golden 🙂 She is really looking for answers in her life and she is willing to work to find them. Since we met her on Tuesday, she has read most of First Nephi and she came to church yesterday. We are praying for her and hoping that she can find the answers she needs. She is just incredible. And then at 8:30, we had planned to street contact into a miracle and so we prayed and got on our bikes and started talking to everyone we could. At the last light before our apartment, I talked to a lady who was really interested. We pulled into the 7(-Eleven) on the corner and we taught her the message of the Restoration in 10 minutes before we had to get home. She was curious and willing to listen and I know that Heavenly Father puts us in the place of people who are being prepared. 

 Wednesday 5/27

My favorite part of Wednesday was teaching our English class the Plan of Salvation. It is truly amazing that we know who we are and why we are here and where we are going because of the restored gospel. I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ who makes it all possible. 

 Thursday 5/28

We had some really good member lessons. We have been working to get several less active members coming back into activity and this week four of them came to church! 

 Friday 5/29

We had a sick weekly planning session. Sister Shen and I are really working well together lately and I just love it. We had a really great lesson with a recent convert and one of the young women about the commandments. I realize more and more every day how much every little bit of the gospel is able to bless us in our lives.  

 Saturday 5/30 

We had lessons almost every hour! We have been super busy lately which is the best. We were still finding all along the way and it was just my favorite kind of day where you just go home exhausted knowing that you put everything into every minute. I strive for that feeling every day. 

 Sunday 5/31

Our Liu Jiemei came to church and loved it! She’s doing great. And then at night we had a former investigator I had only met once call us and ask to meet at the church like right then. She’s more interested now than she was before and it was a super cool last minute miracle! 



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