BUSY busy busy :)

This last week was super busy! We were just running all over the place- it was the best.

Monday night we did some solid street contacting and met with our neighbor. We met her because every night she takes her like 300 pound pig up on our roof to feed him. So we were interested in her pig and started to talk to her about the gospel. She was a Christian and interested so that was pretty cool. The first time I’ve found an investigator on the roof!

Tuesday we traveled to Gaoxiong for the Training Follow Up meeting. It’s amazing that we’re already halfway through this training! It’s amazing to see how much Sister Shen has grown in the last six weeks- from her first day to now. It’s just crazy šŸ™‚ She is such and amazing missionary and once again, I am becoming best friends with my companion. It was good to meet with President Blickenstaff and see what we still need to work on and also appreciate the successes we have already had.

Wednesday had our Zone Training Meeting and our English Party, so it was pretty packed. I really loved our ZTM. We actually watched part of Finding Nemo- best! It was just the clip where Dory gets caught in the net and all of the fish start to “swim down together.” We talked about that in relation with our Taiwan Taizhong Mission Vision Goals and Plans and how we need to focus our faith and energy in order to accomplish them. We also talked a lot about personal consecration. I have realized that in this work everything that we give up is give back to us ten fold. Heavenly Father truly does bless our efforts. Go Tainan Zone šŸ™‚ Our English party was pretty simple this go around. We had a combined spiritual share with all of the classes and we watched Mormon messages and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. One of my favorite moments was teaching the Taiwanese missionaries how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Ha, yes. They hadn’t done it before!!

Thursday we met with almost all of our investigators! And then at night there was a special musical fireside at the stake center in YongKang and several of our investigators were able to attend with us and feel the Spirit.

Friday we had some good lessons with all of the investigators that we weren’t able to meet on Thursday! We also had weekly planning which I love.

Saturday was the only day with real finding time. It was ChengGong Daxue graduation so we did some good contacting up there. We also had an awesome fireside with the ward about missionary work!

It was a great week! I love you all!


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