A Killer Start to the New Move Call

Seriously killer. I can’t even explain how many miracles we saw! I also can’t even begin to express how much I love being a missionary.

Here are some highlights:

-We have an absolutely incredible investigator! The first time we met she just said that she didn’t know who God is and that she wants to find her faith. She has been praying and reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church every week for all three hours for the last three weeks and it is amazing to see the difference. She told us this week that she is very excited to be baptized and we are loving helping her to prepare!

-This move call I have specifically been praying and focusing on developing patience-particularly patience with myself. On Thursday we went to try to find an address that some previous sisters had tracted into. Long story short, we got extremely lost. Getting lost is one of those situations in which it is normal for me to get a little frustrated with myself. But I just kept saying a prayer in my heart that we could find it and that I could just be okay with my own weaknesses. It took a long time, but after about 45 minutes we got there and found the most wonderful miracle 16 year old girl who is only home for an hour a day between classes. I am so glad that Heavenly Father helped me to be patient with my self so that we could arrive at her house all in His time.

-“Zui kepa de shengyin” (The scariest noise.) That’s what we say when the air conditioner shuts off. It’s getting warm here in Tainan haha!

-Here’s a miracle!

That lady we met at the 7 [7-11] last week was super awesome and we met with her and she came to church and has a baptismal goal! In the end she lives two areas over and won’t go to our ward, so we’re going to pass her to some other sisters, but wow that’s cool. We just prayed and I felt like we should go the the 7 on a certain road and talk to a purple shirt lady and BAM! It’s amazing how much Heavenly Father knows His children and is helping us to find them.

-I love the 7! We were sitting at a 7 doing language study when a lady sat next to us and started reading the bible! I just said a prayer that I would know how to start talking to her and felt like I should just sit down right in front of her and start telling her about the Book of Mormon. SO… I did. We talked for a long time. She was really interested and excited to learn more and it was amazing to see how much my mouth was filled with the words that she needed to hear.

-We also found another amazing new investigator this week. It’s amazing to see what a huge change starting to pray makes in someone’s life.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  I know that the message we are sharing is true and I love watching it change people’s lives.

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2 thoughts on “A Killer Start to the New Move Call

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