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All right, so here’s the truth. The first three weeks of June were actually pretty rough. We had some struggles. There were lots of miracles as well, but it was just a rough little patch of time. But we made some plans, we prayed a lot, and we worked persistently. This last week of June was absolutely Celestial. I mean it. One of the most miraculous -and successful-weeks of my entire mission.  We were really excited to exceed all of our mission standards, but more than that we just became so lost in the service that we are doing and all the little rough problems seemed to disappear. 

 Last week was the Dragon Boat Festival and I forgot to say anything about it all. I’ll send some pictures of zhongzi- the rice dumplings that we ate to celebrate last week 🙂 

 Last P-day I convinced Sister Shen that we should get out and see something cool, even though she’s seen it all before 🙂 It was the best! We went out to AnPing in west Tainan and ate some famous dou hua and went to the AnPing Treehouse! It was super cool. I love a good P-day adventure! 

 Every day this week, we were just packed with lessons- and packed with miracles. The week felt like a race almost. Sprinting to the end of every day with only the thought of our purpose in mind-to invite others to come unto Christ and do everything within our power to help them do it. Sister Shen and I hit that wonderful level in a companionship where you know that your companion is looking out for you and you both just really want to help the people that you are working with. 

 On Tuesday, we had a really solid District Training Meeting about inviting others to be baptized. I really love our district. Here in Tainan is the first time that I’ve had a big district. This move call is also super awesome because our district is half Taiwanese- of the 10 missionaries in our district, 5 are Taiwanese. It’s kept me humble and helped me to improve my language ability a lot 🙂 They are also really fun to be around! 

 There was a specialized training meeting in Gaoxiong this week for missionaries about in the middle of their missions who have in the last several months gone senior focusing on becoming senior companions and that change of role. It was a really great meeting and I learned a lot. I think my favorite part was at the end when President Blickenstaff instructed us on faith and diligence. This work is worth every bit of our energy, every day. He told us about when he served as a stake president there was an elder that came home to report his mission to him and came in utterly exhausted with literally nothing left. President Blickenstaff said that it was obvious that that missionary had given his all. I want to give my all every day as I serve here. Time goes fast and it really is “the most precious resource our Heavenly Father has given us.”

 This last week English class went super well! I taught them how to give directions to lost foreigners 🙂 It was the best. 

 Last Wednesday at English class Sister Shen texted a number on an old contact card and asked to meet and they actually replied!! It was awesome. We met with her and taught her the first lesson and invited her to start to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She was super prepared and had met with missionaries in high school but her parents didn’t like it at the time, now is her time! 

 Last Saturday night we the potential investigator we had set up to meet at the church didn’t show up, so we went to our back up plan to find an address of a dead stack card that hadn’t been picking up calls. (And to be honest, it didn’t feel like a very inspired back up plan).We rang the doorbell and asked for the name of the person on the card. Her parents came out and said that she had just recently left home to go to school in PingDong, and they ended up telling us how worried they are about the friends she has and the choices she is making. We started to testify of the way that the gospel blesses families and taught them how to pray. We are going to continue meeting with them and their son that live here and we sent their daughter’s information to the sisters in ChaoZhou. It was amazing to see a family that was so prepared and see how Heavenly Father inspired us to make the right back up plans at the right time. 
On page 71 of Preach My Gospel, we are instructed to “constantly think and pray about how to help investigators live the gospel.” This last move call as a part of project consecration, I have made the conscious plans and efforts to direct my thoughts toward the needs of the people I have been called to serve during specific times of the day, whether that be my companion, members or our investigators. Every night after our companionship planning session, I take a minute to pray and decide and write down who I am going to focus on during morning exercise and breakfast, etc. The effect has been monumental. I have received very specific and direct revelation regarding the people we are working with in a way that I haven’t even touched before. The focus on others has helped me to forget about any personal concerns and driven me to work even harder. I am so glad to be a missionary and I am striving to be the missionary that Heavenly Father needs me to be. 


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