Sick times with a 短傳 (Short-Term Missionary)

2015 7-12I am so amazed that Heavenly Father gives us so many miracles each and every day. Serving as a missionary in Taiwan is simply the greatest thing that I could ever do. I never could have imagined how much I would learn or how many people I would meet when I came here. There is SO MUCH JOY in the work of the Lord.

I got so sick with a cold this last week. But I just kept praying that Heavenly Father would help me to continue to work effectively and happily and He did! Miracles!

This week we had the super incredible opportunity to serve with a 短傳- Sister Cai from the Tainan 1st Ward. She worked with us all week long in finding and teaching and in all aspects of missionary work as part of the activity the Tainan stake put together for missionary preparation. It was a super incredible opportunity to work with her and she is SO prepared to serve now, if she wasn’t already. It was awesome to lead her and show her the ropes. She worked hard and we learned a lot from her example.

We had a super amazing miracle on Tuesday! We were in the 7 and we felt we needed to talk to the girl with short hair next to us and we ended up teaching the whole Restoration to her and her friend right there in the 7! It was amazing to feel so guided by our Father in Heaven.



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