XiaoGang! (Or HsiaoKang if you like old style pinyin)

2015 7-26 (3)

Exchanges with Zuing

2015 7-26 (4)

The best Young Woman ever!

This week has been GREAT!

 Here are some great things about XiaoGang:

-We are in the Gaoxiong West Zone. I just love being in Gaoxiong. It’s my city and it feels like home.

-We have the senior missionaries in our district! Elder and Sister Schweider are the best 🙂

-Our area has the Gaoxiong international Airport in it, so we see and hear planes all the time.

-We are known for poor air quality. But so is Cache Valley- so that’s okay.

-We can see the 85 from our area. It’s the second largest building in Taiwan after 101 in Taipei.

 Sister Johnston is my new companion! She is the best 🙂 We are having a lot of fun together. We discovered that she worked at the North Ogden Lee’s before her mission, so we’re automatically Lee’s friends. We’ve had a lot of fun getting to know each other and getting to work this week.

 With this new move call, I have been called to serve as the Sister Training Leader for the Gaoxiong West Zone. I am very humbled and excited by this call. I was really surprised too! Recently, there have been so few missionaries in our mission that the sister training leaders haven’t been able to serve together as companionships, so it’s been an interesting task to take on without any real training, but I am so glad to serve the sisters her in Gaoxiong and I hope that I can do all within my power to help them fulfill their misisonary purpose and be happy missionaries!

 Last week, I had my first chance to conduct companion exchanges with the Zuoying sisters. I brought Sister Lin back here with me. I was a little nervous to lead in my area when I had only been here for 3 days, but I also didn’t want to leave my area when I had only been here for 3 days haha! Hard choices. But in the end, I felt we both needed to be here. That night we met with one of our investigators (also named Sister Lin haha). It was an incredible lesson. She has a lot of desire to come to know Heavenly Father. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted. I am glad that Heavenly Father is with us in every aspect of this work.

 On Saturday we had a stake activity where we went out contacting with the Young Men and Young Women by central park in ShiZhong. It was super cool to work with them and see their faith. The sister we went with was just baptized in March and met the church by missionaries talking to her. She had so much faith and when we went to set a goal for the hour and a half of contacting, she was like, “let’s set up to meet with 30 people!” It was wonderful to have that much faith, and also a little funny. We had a great time contacting with her and then met up with all of the other missionaries and young men and women to “flash mob” the EFY medley. I love Taiwan and I love how bold all of the members are here. I learn so much from them.

 Yesterday we were able to meet with a recent convert’s daughter and help her to start to learn the gospel. She was really awesome and super excited!

 I am so excited to be working here in XiaoGang! It is the promised land. I know that this is where my Father in Heaven needs me to be.

 I love you all! You’re the best 🙂 Have a great week!

Sister Turner

2015 7-26 (1)2015 7-26 (2)


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