Tracting through the TYPHOON

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This week we had a TYPHOON. Honestly, I didn’t even realize it was that bad of a typhoon until just now, when I read a letter from my family about what they have seen on the news. It didn’t hit us too hard down south in Gaoxiong, but there is still some damage and it was pretty intense for awhile. Last Friday, we got a text saying that we needed to cancel exchanges and stay within walking distance of our house just in case it became too dangerous to ride our bikes. So we had to change some plans, but we still saw some miracles and were out all day. It didn’t even start to rain really until we got back home for the night. But Friday night, it just poured on us and there was so much wind that our windows were banging around in their frames and kept us up all night. Saturday morning there was some damage outsides- some trees and signs that had fallen over and whatever else the wind had picked up. It was raining and still pretty windy, but we went out tracting for a while and it was SO MUCH FUN! We were on foot just in case and every time we rang someone’s doorbell, they kind of thought we were crazy and told us to go home, but I was just so happy and it confused them! It was one of my favorite moments of my whole mission. It felt like the whole world was being rained on and no one wanted to get out or do anything, but here we were still trying to spread the gospel- even though there’s a typhoon going on. There is nothing that brings me more happiness than sharing this gospel and I want to share it with anyone who will listen even in the rain. Later on Saturday the storm got worse and we had to be inside for the night. So we called almost every potential investigator we could find and had some success. By Sunday, it was all okay. So those are my typhoon adventures. I’m safe and I’m SUPER happy. 

This week also had some other wonderful things! 

– We got to go on exchanges with the ShiZhong sisters this week- Sister Liu and Sister Cosby. It was really a miracle that we were able to go on exchanges in the first place- it wasn’t our original plan, but some things didn’t work out and in the end it was an answer to prayers. Heavenly Father has a plan and He will put us where He needs us to be. I brought Sister Cosby back here and we learned a lot together and saw a lot of miracles. It was really fun to see how much has changed since those first days at the MTC. 

– My favorite part about typhoon season? It’s also still mango season. I find reasons to eat mangoes every day haha. I’ve started cutting them up and putting them in my oatmeal even! 

-Once upon a time, we went to contact at the bus stop. We prayed and then the first person we talked to rejected us rather…loudly, so anyone else we could have contacted was just kind of staring at us and no one else was really willing to listen. We moved on to our back up plan and we walked over to the houses behind the bus stop and said a prayer again and started to knock on those doors. I felt like we should move to the left and truly just felt guided to move down the road rather quickly. Sometimes we as missionaries feel like we need to knock on every door and other times, we feel like we need to jump around a little. I really felt like we needed to jump. No one was home, but then on about the 10th door someone answered and was like, “Tu Jiemei!” Well, it’s rare that you knock on a door and someone calls your name out excitedly, so I thought I must have met her before, but I couldn’t remember at all. But when we started talking, I realized that I had called her last week. She was an old phone referral and when I had talked to her she said that at the time her mom had been struggling with depression and she really felt like she needed a church, but now she doesn’t really need it. THEN we showed up on her door and she remembered my voice and was really willing to talk to us. We went in and had a lesson with her and she started telling us that she attended her friend’s baptism last year at our church and thought it was a really cool experience. We taught her to pray and when we prayed with her, she asked us if we always get goosebumps when we pray. It was such an incredible miracle that we found her and it just helped me to see that Heavenly Father combines every one of our small efforts to help us do His work and bring more people unto Christ. 

-Friday night, when it was just starting to rain, we went to visit our amazing investigator Daisy! I was a little worried about her because she hadn’t answered her phone for a few days. We wrote her a note and went to drop it off and she was home. She’s still praying and reading the Book of Mormon and planning to come to church next week. She was also so happy to see us come visit her! Good timing 🙂 

– We met an amazing lady at the park last night who was SO excited to talk to us about the Book of Mormon! Her daughter gave her one already and she loves it 🙂 

Overall, a great week in XiaoGang! 


2015 8-9 (4)2015 8-9



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