Hello everyone! 

This week was super busy and wonderful!

We are working hard and loving every minute down here in XiaoGang. This week we had the super wonderful opportunity to have our Gaoxiong West Zone Conference. I learned so much! We had some really good training on our mission vision, goals, and plans and on working with members that really got me and Sister Johnston pumped about hastening the work in XiaoGang. We had a really good discussion on the meaning and power and process of repentance and it just helped me to think how much we all need and rely on the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. My favorite was President Blickenstaff’s training at the end about the 5 skills we need to hit mission standards and serve effectively(planning, finding, inviting people to church, inviting people to be baptized, and teaching), 4 kinds of faith ( in yourself, in your companionship, in your area, and in Jesus Christ), 3 resources (The Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel, and Prayer), 2 people you can rely on (him and your companion) and 1 thing to remember (YOU CAN DO THIS!). I am so grateful to serve in the greatest mission in the world and I am so grateful for the direction we received from our leaders at Zone Conference that will help us to hasten the work in XiaGang. 

 I got to go on exchanges with Sister Schenk this week. While we were together, every single lesson we had planned didn’t go through. But we both kept on smiling and biking all over the place and found some miracles anyway. We sat down next to an awesome lady at the Family Mart and just started talking to her about prayer and the role that God can play in her life. 

I also got the chance to go to GangShan on exchanges with Sister Payne. It was super exciting to be up in the north end of the zone and see some miracles up there. I learned so much from here and we found some people willing to listen. We started talking to one lady in particular who was very much in need of something. She had been through so much the last month and just needed someone to listen. So we listened and showed her the ways that the gospel could help her through all of these things with an eternal perspective. She set up to continue meeting with them and we were very excited to see the hope that came into her eyes as we talked. We also found an awesome college student at the park who was was so excited when we prayed with her- she was just amazed that we could pray whenever we needed it. What a blessing the gospel is and I am so glad for it in my life. 

2015 8-23 (6) 2015 8-23 (7)


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