10 Days of back up plans! (21 yrs old in Taiwan!)

I am loving life! I am super happy to be 21 in Taiwan 🙂 Yes- happy birthday to me haha. Turning 21 makes me think of how amazing it is that the mission age was changed for sisters. Heavenly Father has a perfect plan and I know that the Taiwan Taizhong Mission is exactly where I need to be right now. I don’t know exactly where I would have been without the age change and all of the other things that have happened, but I know that this is where I need to be now. It’s amazing to think back to my birthday one year ago. It was one of my first Sundays in Taiwan and I didn’t really understand anything anyone was saying at all. There were a lot of wonderful people who helped me and one in particular who pulled me aside and talked really nice and slowly to me. Since then, I have seen more miracles than I could even begin to count and grown so much as a person. I am learning so much every day and I just love my mission. I really mean that. I truly love every minute of my mission. I am so glad that I made the decision to come and serve- it truly was Heavenly Father’s plan for me.

Literally all except for 3 of our lessons were cancelled or stood up this week. And then we saw SO MANY MIRACLES as we followed our back up plans and prayed in faith.

Here are some of the many miracles we saw because of cancelled lessons:

*Teaching a high school student how to pray in the 7

*Taking a card to an investigator who hadn’t answered our calls for several days and answering her prayers. AND THEN, teaching her mom the gospel!

*A miracle lady calling us and asking to meet with us right then, and we were able to because of a cancelled lesson.

*Meeting with a member who was originally going to teach with us, but when the investigator didn’t come, we met with her and were able to help her find the answers she really needed!

*When a member who was going to teach with us wasn’t able to make it, it was actually a huge miracle because the investigator had some concerns she really wanted to share with us that would have been harder with a member there.

*Discovering the greatest road EVER to contact on- almost by mistake.

*Tracting into a wonderful woman who wanted to hear about eternal families!

*Tracting into a wonderful woman who wanted to hear about the plan of salvation!

*Tracting into a wonderful woman who wanted to learn how to pray!

*Stopping for an unplanned bathroom break at a 7 and then meeting a college student who wants to learn about the restored gospel next week AND a grandma and her granddaughter who really wanted the chance to hear about the gospel, even though the grandma’s husband was against it.

*Teaching a lesson at the bus stop!

AND a whole bunch more! It was incredible. Heavenly Father truly is in charge. As we work and do our best, He will help us to see His hand in His work.

I have loved working with my new companion Sister Chiang! We love each other so much! She is super smart and fast and funny and we have been working super well together. We have practiced so much in our companionship studies and have been improving every single day. It has been a week of preparation and progress and we started the new move call off really well. XiaoGang is the land of miracles and we are working hard every day to find them all.

I love being a missionary! I love all of you!

凃納瑄姐妹 Sister Emily Turner

台灣台中傳道部 Taiwan Taizhong Mission


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