A duck heart instead of a birthday cake!

2015 9-13 (12)

Duck heads, feet & hearts. (Not sure what the rest of that is!)

2015 9-13 (13)

Eating a duck heart for birthday!


*SEPTEMBER 7TH: Basically the best birthday ever! Nothing like a birthday P-day! There were 4 wonderful birthday prizes:

1-When we came to email for P-Day, the nice worker at the internet cafe told us he could help   us get our email time cheaper- yay! In the end we realized that cheaper was actually 4 hours instead of two, but we were obedient- and we stood up to go at two hours because that’s our rule. The worker was impressed by our obedience when he gave us free things and gave us…10 free two- hour sessions! So right now is free. Blessings of obedience!

2- We went to the Love River for P-Day. Ha, it sounds weird I know, but it was really pretty and we had a really good time. My companion convinced me to eat a duck heart- so that was my birthday cake! I might as well go on Fear Factor now, there is nothing that I’m scared of haha. It was actually pretty good.

3-We had the coolest miracle EVER. At 7:00 we had planned to tract on a road I hadn’t been to since my first day in XiaoGang. When I came my first day, we were looking for an investigator that was a referral from Salt Lake City who the sisters hadn’t been able to contact. When we went looking for her, we realized we didn’t have the last part of the address and rang every possible doorbell. Fast forward to 9/7, we went to tract there and had a lot of very specific promptings of the Spirit. In the end we rang all of those same doorbells. Suddenly a lady walked up and my companion just asked if she was the person we were looking for- SHE WAS. She is an incredible lady who loved the experience she had at temple square and knows the Spirit. She is now our investigator again and we’re not losing her this time.

4-We met with a wonderful lady that we contacted last week who was SUPER AMAZING. When we prayed she just thought it was so cool that we could speak with our Father in Heaven. Amazing miracles.


On Tuesday we got to go up to Taizhong to MLC. It was really amazing to see some of my wonderful friends and counsel together in ways to help improve ourselves and the mission. I am so glad to be a Taiwan Taizhong missionary. It is the greatest.


Yep. It’s happening. But, it is all according to Heavenly Father’s timing. We have an investigator who is going to be in school in Taizhong Monday through Friday now and we can keep meeting with her!


We met with two more of the amazing people we contacted last week in all of our getting stood up miracles and they were both so amazing and in need of the gospel! Miracles come through diligence and faith!


We exchanged with the Zuoying sisters this week. They are a training companionship and I learned SO much from them. Sister Lin was an incredible example of humility to me!


It was the first time having ZTM and a Sister’s meeting since I have become a sister training leader. I got to do some training on follow up calls and conduct a sisters meeting for the first time. I felt very guided by the Spirit in leading all of it. I am so glad for the opportunities Heavenly Father gives me every day to serve! It was amazing to be unified as the Gaoxiong West Zone.


凃納瑄姐妹 Sister Emily Turner

台灣台中傳道部 Taiwan Taizhong Mission

2015 9-13 (2)2015 9-13 (14)2015 9-13 (6)2015 9-13 (17)


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