8:45 on a Sunday night

2015 10-4 (2)

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas


I am making up for the recent short emails lately right now! The last couple of weeks we have been getting in an extra facebook lesson during email, but today we don’t have any. SO I can tell you all of the cool things that have been happening lately.

*AN EMAIL: A couple of weeks ago I received an email from someone that I taught in Tainan who accepted the gospel and  was baptized. She was wishing me happy birthday, but she also told me of the joy that has been in her life since accepting the gospel. She received her patriarchal blessing, is doing family history work and going to the Taipei temple in a few weeks to do baptisms for her ancestors for the first time.It was amazing to hear from her and see the complete contrast that the gospel can make in one’s life. I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel with the people in Taiwan!

*8:45 ON A SUNDAY: That’s right the last 15 minutes of the week. Last night we were making some phone calls at the Family Mart to set up some things for the upcoming week when someone came up to us and asked where our church was. She was super excited to talk to us and actually said she had seen us before and had always just been to scared to talk to us. We sat down with her right then at the Family Mart and started teaching her about the Book of Mormon. She set up to meet with us three more times this week and come to church on Sunday. She’s been looking for a church for so long and she really felt the Spirit. There really are those who are just waiting to hear the message of the restored gospel in our path everyday.

*MLC: Last Thursday 10/1 we were able to attend Mission Leadership Conference. We learned so much and my testimony was really strengthened- especially of the scriptures. I am so grateful for the word of God in my life. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and anyone who reads it with real intent can know that.

*MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL: A couple weeks ago was ZhongQiuJie which means moon cakes and barbecues! Taiwanese barbecues are the best. At an American barbecue you make a bunch of food and then you sit down and eat it. In Taiwan, you cook and eat and cook and eat and cook and eat and cook and eat until all of the meat is gone. Ha. It’s hilarious.

*EXCHANGES: The last couple of weeks I have been on exchanges with Sister Hughes, Sister Findlay, and Sister Eo. I have learned so much from all of them. Every exchange brings so many miracles. Sister Hughes taught me how to take anything with a laugh. Sister Findlay taught me how to follow the Spirit always. Sister Eo taught me how to work through the hard times (and some Korean!).

2015 10-4 (1)

Happy Pomelo Season!

*A THOUGHT: A few weeks ago on an exchange a sister asked me why I’m so happy. I thought about it and realized that one of the greatest things I have learned to master on my mission is the ‘accept it or change it’ skill. There are so many wonderful things in our lives- especially as missionaries, but when those things come that you don’t like- about a place or yourself or a situation or anything really- you have a choice. You can accept it and be happy. Or you can do what is in your power to change it. There is so much that can be changed and so much good that can be seen when we accept the things that can’t be. Just do everything you can. That’s all that Heavenly Father asks of His children. His plan really is for our eternal happiness.

*3 Nephi 7:17-18: As we align our will with our Father in Heaven’s and have unshakable faith in Christ, we can work miracles as missionaries. I love the Book of Mormon!


Have a great week!

凃納瑄姐妹 Sister Emily Turner

台灣台中傳道部 Taiwan Taizhong Mission


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