The start of a new MOVE CALL

2015 10-11 (3) Wow I love being a missionary!   There is so much joy in the work of our Father in Heaven.

We’re starting off a new move call here. Sister Chiang is moving after just one move call here and my new companion is Sister Tapia! I am really grateful for all of the things that I learned while serving with Sister Chiang. She is an incredible sister and we saw a lot of miracles together. I am really excited to start working with Sister Tapia. We are going to be sister training leaders together which is really exciting! Our mission hasn’t had enough sisters to have sister training leaders serve together for the last several move calls, but now we are really excited to get working together. It’s going to be another wonderful move call here in XiaoGang!

Last week was really wonderful!

We got to watch conference! I LOVE CONFERENCE. There is so much that we can improve every day. I felt like a major theme of this conference was deeper personal conversion. I know that as we come closer to Christ personally every day our lives change. There is nothing more wonderful than the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We had some wonderful miracles with our investigator who we met last week at the Family Mart. She was absolutely incredible. We have met with her almost every day this week and she came to three of the four sessions of General Conference. I was a little nervous that conference would be a little too much for such a new investigator, but Heavenly Father has a plan. She was able to come unto Christ and learn a whole lot. I realized how new she was when she asked me at the end of the first session what the Holy Ghost is, and gained an even greater testimony of the power of the words of the prophets. We taught her the plan of salvation in between sessions of conference yesterday and read in Alma when Ammon teaches King Lamoni about the plan of salvation and King Lamoni says that he is willing to give up anything for those blessings. She said that she would be too! How true it is that the knowledge of the plan of salvation will change anyone’s life forever.

We had an awesome English party last week!

We had a super great stake activity at ChengQing lake last week! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

2015 10-11 (4)

I wish I had time to tell you all of the little miracles that happened last week, but in the end, Heavenly Father places His children right where they need to be, right when they need to be there.


凃納瑄姐妹 Sister Emily Turner

台灣台中傳道部 Taiwan Taizhong Mission

2015 10-11 (1)2015 10-11 (2)


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