2 Weeks in XiaoGang!

Hello EVERYONE! The last couple of weeks have been absolutely amazing. I have learned and grown so much and I am just so happy to be a missionary. There is nothing better than being out here in southern Taiwan sharing the perfect gospel of Jesus Christ. It means everything to me to be here.

Because I wasn’t able to send anything too exciting last week, here’s a day-by-day for the last TWO weeks to make up for it!

10/26- We went out to the QiJin island for P-day! I swear that is my favorite place in the entire world. We had a really fantastic time. We ate my favorite barbecued squid and hiked up to the top of the fort on the north shore of the island. It was an incredible view of my beloved city Gaoxiong. That night we went up to college for our club and had a good spiritual share with them about prayer that went really well!

10/27- We were able to go on exchanges with the ShiZhong sisters. I went with…Jiang Jiemei- my companion from last move call! It was really cool to have that chance to go serve with her again for a day now that she is serving as a senior companion. We learned a TON together while we were companions and it was cool to see how much we had changed and grown because of it just a few short weeks later. We taught a lot of really wonderful lessons in ShiZhong to some really powerful investigators- including a 12 year old who loves the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized for the remission of sins! Incredible.

10/28-We had a birthday themed English class that was really fun. Our students are kind of hilarious!

10/29-We were able to head up to Taizhong for Mission Leadership Conference. It was a really good one. We were trained on how to conduct exchanges and I learned so much. I have loved exchanging and learning so much every sister here in Gaoxiong West. It is just the greatest. At MLC, we also spent considerable time discussing our Mission Vision, Goals, and Plans and what we can do to more effectively implement them. I was able to very actively participate in the discussions this time. I have grown a lot as a person and am more confident in sharing my thoughts and convictions when there is an opportunity. I am just so glad for the chance to serve in the Taiwan Taizhong Mission and learn every day how to better accomplish my purpose as a missionary.

10/30-We went to a Young Men and Young Women activity and had the first hot pot of the winter! We also learned a lesson in the power of obedience. Because we had gotten up at 4:30 the morning before to make it to Taizhong, we accidentally slept in util 6:47 that morning and it just threw off the whole day. I love the power of simple obedience as a missionary.

10/31-We had an awesome Halloween party with the XiaoGang and QianZhen wards. Sister Tapia and I did a spiritual share with the Because of Him video- Because of Him, we don’t need to fear.

11/1- Our investigator Cao Jiemei was SO HAPPY to come to church. She just started college and has been homesick, but church already feels like a home to her.

11/2-We met with the club and shared the Plan of Salvation with them. The Spirit was SO strong and it just amazed me to be able to see the light come into their eyes as some of their questions about life were answered. We were able to set up times to share more with more of the students. It was amazing.

11/3-We biked all the way down to LinYuan! It was an incredible day. I love biking for a good couple of hours in a day like that. We planned to contact at the McDonald’s down there and when we got there, there weren’t many people. But there was one. And she needed the gospel message. We sat down with her and taught her to pray. She was so amazed that Heavenly Father would listen. I loved that Heavenly Father was taking such good care of her that we were able to cross paths. She’s not interested in learning any more now, but her life is forever changed by the power of prayer.

11/4-We were able to meet with an investigator who had been struggling to get answers, help her feel the Spirit and invite her to be baptized! She accepted and was able to come to church yesterday!

11/5-We had the super awesome experience to translate for a lost couple from Slovakia. It was amazing that people immediately recognized us as missionaries and grabbed us to translate. It was a really cool opportunity to serve and we were able to give them a mormon.org card and give them a chance to learn the gospel as well. I am so glad that Heavenly Father has blessed me to have the gift of tongues to serve His children in numerous ways.

11/6-We had our Mission Tour with Elder Wong. It was a really wonderful edifying experience. We learned a lot about working with our wards and building faith for ourselves and our investigators.

11/7- I went on exchanges with Yao Jiemei in training and we learned so much. It amazes me sometimes what an effect an exchange can have. At the end, I asked her what she had learned and she said the power of the Atonement and power to talk to everyone! I am amazed at what Heavenly Father can do.


Have a great week!

凃納瑄姐妹 Sister Emily Turner

台灣台中傳道部 Taiwan Taizhong Mission


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