There is ALWAYS one more miracle!

Hello everyone!

It’s amazing to believe it, but this will most likely be my last report from Taiwan. There is always one more miracle at the end of the day and I am so excited for what’s coming up this week. This last week has been so full of miracles I can’t even believe it. Every day is full of miracles in the work of our Father in Heaven. I’m sorry that I don’t have enough time to write everything that happened this week, but I can share a couple of things at least!

10 weeks ago at the English party, I set up to meet with Cao Jiemei the next P-day over dinner. She is an awesome student from Malaysia who just started school here. Sister Tapia and I’s first day together we were able to meet with her and teach her about prayer and start to share with her about our purpose as missionaries. A couple weeks later we invited her to church and to be baptized. She has begun to make the gospel a huge part of her life and we have become incredible friends as we have worked to help her accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has changed so much as the light of Christ has come into every aspect of her life. This last week she had to make the choice to sacrifice a Sunday class in order to keep the Sabbath Day holy and prepare to be baptized or to continue to take the class. As she fasted and prayed, she decided to make the sacrifices necessary to attend Sunday meetings. Then, Heavenly Father provided a miracle so that she will be able to attend the class and church and be baptized this upcoming Saturday. I love her so much and I’m so glad that I have been able to see the gospel come into her life.

Last night we had a wonderful Christmas fireside that the missionaries suddenly had to be in charge of. We were able to bring the Spirit and feel the power of the birth of the Savior.

We had an incredible MLC last week where we really focused on the needs of the people we serve and the people we are. I love the direction the mission is heading.

Thanks so much for everything that all of you are doing for me. I love you all so much!

We’ll see you on the other side πŸ™‚

ζˆ‘ηŸ₯道η₯žζ˜―ζˆ‘ε€‘ζ…ˆζ„›ηš„ε€©ηˆΆγ€‚γ€€ζˆ‘ηŸ₯ι“θ€Άη©ŒεŸΊη£ζ˜―ζˆ‘ε€‘ηš„ζ•‘δΈ»γ€‚ζˆ‘ηŸ₯ι“ζ‘©ηˆΎι–€ηΆ“ζ˜―η₯žηš„θ©±γ€‚γ€€ζˆ‘ηŸ₯ι“ε€©ηˆΆζ„›ζˆ‘ε€‘ζ―δΈ€ε€‹δΊΊγ€‚γ€€ζˆ‘θΆ…η΄šζ„Ÿθ¬ζˆ‘θƒ½ε€ δΎ†ε°η£ε‚³ζ•™γ€‚ζˆ‘ζ„›δ½ ε€‘οΌ

凃納瑄姐妹 Sister Emily Turner

台灣台中傳道部 Taiwan Taizhong Mission


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